Belfry Middle School Christmas Dinner, ’12.

Belfry Middle School in county of Pike in the state of Kentucky were throwing a party for all of employees (staffs) that whom works at that school. They had scheduled/reserved a Christmas Dinner at Hibachi which is Japanese restaurant, a excellent one at that and also their foods were absolutely delicious and definitely gives me the reason to why I must go back! My mother works for Belfry Middle School so therefore I was invited since obviously that I am her family, as all of employees were welcomed to invite one or two of their family to come with them to the Christmas Dinner. When I arrived there, it was crowded and almost couldn’t find any available seat although we found some with the help. We sat with my mothers’ friends at work, Linda and her beautiful daughter Josie and as well Josies’ very adorable daughter Callie!

We definitely had a bit of fun especially when it comes to watching the chef chopping up some foods and cooking foods for us as well. We were having some kind of rices, vegetables, steak and chicken. I have discovered that chicken and rices would be my favorite after trying them. We all, at least in my thought enjoyed watching the entertainment – chef cooking!

I have decided to take pictures and record some videos for everybody else to watch and as well for some memory. Although I wasn’t planning on to record a video because otherwise I would bring my camcorder that can record a much better quality so therefore at that time only device I had were my Iphone 4S although it can capture video high definition but not better than camcorder, but again at least it is quality enough for us or you all to be able to see what were going on in the video.

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Thank you for sparing few of your times reading this post. I hope that you have a great day, and I bet that you cannot wait until Christmas! After all, it’s only very few days left until that day come. I for one certainly looking forward to it! May God bless you all.

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