Becoming a photographer.

I have decided to become a photographer for the first time, bought myself a DSLR recently and I am looking forward to have some photographs done. I have already bought many of things to be a photographer such as quite expensive tripod, DSLR bag, lenses, speedlite and some softwares for processing such as Lightroom and Photoshop. My photography copyright name is Joshies’ Photography for any those who wonder what it’s being called. I have only took very few photographs and it’s not many but it is because I just begin my photography career which not everybody realize and I know there’s few of people who telling me that I don’t have enough of photographs, what do you expect? I stated that I just started.

I am very much looking forward to collect more photographs to showcase them everywhere I can think of and hopefully that my images spread more places than I have thought of. What I will be doing is that I decided to be a photography in ALL categories, not only a couple. Such as landscape, animals, portraits, boudoir, sports, events (wedding, party, others) and more. So you could call it “all-in-one photographer” if you will. I have already photographs very few because there’s not much of good things that worth for photographs around here especially landscape due to this area being extremely wet all the time that there’s rarely any flowers, plants and others that grew out of the yards as it is mostly muddy. And my area is extremely small, however it isn’t stopping me from doing some works on other categories and only landscape if I am somewhere else than here.

I will be also offering photography models some photographs to build their portfolio and also will work with anyone who wish to be model and help them to get themselves on some magazines if that’s the last thing I have to do because my mission is to help anyone to reach their goal of becoming a model and there is over ten photography models hiding around in my area and only two that made it onto magazines by other photographers, those who hasn’t yet made it is who I am going after and help them to get what they want. And as well work with the models that has already been on magazines to be able to have their photographs on more magazines than they thought.

Another mission of mine is to show the people that there is still some hope, and also to show them what I see through my eyes with my camera of beautiful nature things and also the beauty of themselves.

Anyway, I do have experience in photography as I was in college for it for a year although I did not graduated because I went to college for web design and multimedia which is mainly focus on web designs even there’s photography involved with it hence multimedia which is photography/art.

If anyone needs to get their pictures done, for some portraits or anything that they would like to have such as portraits of themselves, or pregnancy, couple, childrens, wedding and among others including boudoir for anyone who wants to become a photography model. If anyone that do want to become one but doesn’t know how to be one, feel free to ask me and I will point you out it and explain a bit.

As I have mentioned above that I have developed a website for Joshies’ Photography, it is and if you have a Iphone or such since it is smartphone’s friendly. Just remember to press a icon at top of the website in corner at right, it will drop-down some pages which is includes some categories of what I will be doing and couple of categories already has very few photography but again I wasn’t serious with these photographs but it’s decent. Still working on the portfolio, but first I would need a processing software which it should be shipped today.

Joshies’ Photography also has an official page at FaceBook that you guys can like (subscribe) if you wish: FaceBook Page – Joshies’ Photography. And also it has Twitter if you wish to follow as well but at the moment it has no activity such as posts of yet: Twitter – JoshiesPhotos.

Thank you very much for your time to read this post and I apologize that I haven’t wrote anything on JoshiesWorld in a while but now you know why, as I have another business to take care of but that doesn’t means I will retire JoshiesWorld and never will.

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