Apple smartwatch is coming!

Apple SmartwatchThe announcement or more so a news just now came out on the internet and is saying that Apple is in making a new product for everyone who is a fan of Apple that everyone have waited for and been wishing for more than a year or so ever since there is a few of industries especially Apple’s competitors already have something that Apple company have not yet created. We all know that this product has been out for a while with other industries such as Samsung and a couple of other manufacturers that make mobile devices such as smartphone, tablets and mp3 players and Apple is very much behind or late on a product and I am sure that some of you know this specifically product I am referring to that most of us have waited for and been asking Apple to develop the product that we have wished for some time but the good news is that Apple is now for once of all in the work for the product that we have forever asked for and that this specific product is coming in just a few months, if some of you don’t know what this specific product that I am referring then fine I will tell you what it is now.

Apple smartwatch is in the work!

I am sorry that I keep you on your toe for waiting to hear the specific product I am referring by Apple is now in the work and the specific product by Apple I am referring to is the Apple’s smartwatch! For once of all it is about the time that Apple is working on the Apple smartwatch or gadget wearable depending on which word some of the people prefers, the news was announced today that Apple is working on a new Apple smartwatch that most of the people especially who is a fan of Apple have waited forever and some of us who is a fan of Apple have just started getting tired of waiting on Apple to finally start working on the smartwatch while we sit and watch the other manufacturers have already started working on second or third version of their smartphone like Samsung which is Apple biggest competitor.

Now we can stop holding our breath by waiting for Apple to finally start working on the Apple smartwatch because they are working on it and they said that they are in the final stage for the work on their Apple smartwatch as they said the specifications for their Apple smartwatch is still being finalized. The news said that Apple is to make about five million Apple smartwatches monthly and that their Apple smartwatch will start sells in the month of October this year which is likely a month after the other new products that Apple announced at their Apple WWDC 2014 (worldwide developers conference) sells in the fall and that would  likely be in September, and the new products is such as Iphone 6 along with their IOS8 and possibly the rest of others too.

Source: Apple to make 3-5 million smartwatches monthly, sales begin October: Report by Independent.

The Apple smartwatch which could be called “IWatch” is likely to feature OLED (organic light-emitting diode) touchscreen the Japan newspaper said, which is a major newspaper that reports for Apple. The new Apple smartwatch will collect health stats such as calorie consumption, blood glucose, blood-oxygen levels and sleep activity. The other features for the new Apple smartwatch will let users access to messages, contacts, maps and few more especially the most important features from Iphone they said. It is about time that Apple have decided to start develop their smartwatches because they are late as there are already few smartwatches on the market for a while now from manufacturers such as Samsung and Sony.

So this is going to be interesting a new product made by Apple because it is Apple! While we already know what Samsung’s smartwatch and other manufacturers smartwatch does and looks like which that is what makes this more interesting to see what Apple is coming up with for their new Apple smartwatch and I am sure that it’s going to be a great smartwatch because where there has been few smartwatches out already so Apple knows what they are up against and Apple is known for liking to compete with other manufacturers especially their long competitor Samsung so it is going to be very interesting to see what they are coming up with for their Apple smartwatch and how it is going to look but only one thing we know for now is that it’s going to be a OLED for their Apple smartwatch.

Now Apple is working on the Apple smartwatch and is entering the smartwatch market definitely has my attention so I am going to keep my eyes peeled for anything to surface over on the internet especially some pictures or something to let us know what else does it do and how it looks, if you are thinking about to do some research for some pictures of Apple new smartwatch then I am going to go ahead and tell you to not to because there is no picture of their new smartwatch yet and all the pictures of Apple new smartwatch is either rumors or a photoshopped picture made by someone’s imagination so don’t waste your time looking for some pictures yet. If I ever find a picture from reliable source, I will post it here so that you all can see but at the moment there is none except a made up pictures.

I am excited about it that Apple finally decide to work on smartwatch because lately I have thought about how I wish that they have smartwatch as I was tempted by Samsung and Sony new smartwatches and I was thinking about buys them without having their smartphone or anything to connect with their smartwatch and I will not buy their smartphone or tablet, however there have been an announcement somewhere on the internet says that the new Microsoft smartwatch can connect with IOS so I was considering to buy that because I am impatient and not only I am impatient person, I started thinking that Apple wasn’t ever going to make their smartwatch but finally they are and that is what excites me but October is still long away though especially for someone who is impatient like me.

Are you looking forward to see or buy Apple new smartwatch? In your imagination, what you think it will look like and what will it have besides OLED? Let me know by leaving a comment below or tweet me on Twitter @JoshiesWorld or Facebook JoshiesWorldFans!

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