Acquisitions by companies for companies.

AcquisitionsLately there has been several of top companies been acquiring many of the other top companies such as few weeks and months ago Facebook acquired more than three companies such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Oculus VR and among others while Yahoo! Acquired a mobile app named Blink! Which is a self-destructive messaging service when you send some messages to someone through Blink and they becomes old, your cell phone exploded and it’s over. No I am kidding but Yahoo did acquired a self-destructive messaging service Blink that would erase the messages after some of the days or hours depends on how long you wish to be destructed. Not only that as most of you now know that Apple have big interest in acquiring the electronics maker Beats a company that make excellent speakers such as their headphones and their bluetooth portable speakers named Pill which I have written an article about Apple wants to acquire Beats on here, there has been several acquisitions going on around lately because that’s not where it ends as there are many more of other companies acquire other companies.

Acquisitions for some companies.

As I have mentioned that Facebook has bought Whatsapp, Instagram, Oculus VR and Move app which is fitness and tracking app and Facebook is in discussion about developing some wearable for their new acquired company Move for the Move app. Here’s the article that I wrote about Facebook acquisitions (Facebook never stops shopping!) which is interesting article I wrote and you will find more information on how much Facebook acquired the tracking and fitness firm app Move and as well for the other of acquisitions by Facebook. In case if you don’t feel like to read another article to find out the prices that Facebook pay to acquire all the companies such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Oculus VR and recently Move but not only that Facebook is in the market for drone but they were in battle with Google because Google have an interest in acquire the drone company as well especially same company that Facebook has interest in.

And many more acquisitions but if you are interested to know the others acquisitions by Facebook you can find it at Wikipedia: List of mergers and acquisitions by Facebook.

AT&T has acquired a new company DirecTV today which may disappoint some of the customers that is subscribed with DirecTV because some of the people dislike AT&T including myself but AT&T has said that the reason they acquired DirecTV is to add viewers. AT&T company is cell phone provider as most of you know has acquired DirecTV for whopping 48,500,000,000.00 (48.5 billion dollars) because AT&T will be getting potential 38 million customers from DirecTV at home to compete the biggest cable-TV providers. Their competitors would be Comcast and Time Warner and some of the others and this is probably one of the biggest acquisition that AT&T has ever made and said that AT&T will now provide internet, cable and other services to DirecTV customers so if you get a bill and see something different then you know why, they said that they will be able to now cover 70 millions of customers locations to provide all the services available ranging from telephone to cable for TV to internet cable and then wireless service. Bet that other cell phone providers such as Verizon, Appalachian Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile dropped their jaws when they hear that they aren’t even anywhere on the same level as AT&T anymore especially that Verizon WAS the leading in cell phone provider but no longer as AT&T acquiring DirecTV topped Verizon by several miles.

Source: AT&T agrees to Buy DirecTV for $48.5 Billion to add viewers by BusinessWeek.

Speaking of cell phone providers, Sprint is shopping now and Sprint is planning to acquire a company which would be another cell phone provider and T-Mobile is for sale and Sprint is acquiring T-mobile and supposedly to complete the acquisitions by June if everything goes smoothly especially with approval by FCC because Sprint is struggling to acquire T-Mobile but FCC is making it harder by possibly of not allowing Sprint to acquire T-mobile. Sprint have already met up with six banks to make sure that the financial details are solid and prepare to be put a bid on the smaller rival cell phone provider T-Mobile. AT&T attempted to acquire T-mobile in 2010 but the FCC rejected the acquisition by AT&T for T-Mobile and is already making things harder for Sprint to buy the smaller rival T-Mobile but might be successful as Sprint is a smaller company and if the acquisition happened then Sprint/T-Mobile can compete up Verizon and FCC likes that because it means the less of companies for FCC to worry about.

Source: Sprint will reportedly try to buy T-Mobile US in June or July by

Another acquisitions is coming up for Google because Google is in talks about possible acquisition of Twitch which is a video streaming service especially for gamers that records their gameplay and such. Said that it would be a big boost to Google’s YouTube a video sharing website because where YouTube has every categories that users records videos under, such as Music, People, How-To, Entertainment, Gaming and few of others and want to use Twitch as the gaming part instead of the gaming category on YouTube because they said that YouTube live streaming when it comes to record playing games that it lags and Twitch is a specific use for gaming therefore it don’t lag as much as YouTube live stream for gaming because YouTube isn’t only focused on Gaming like Twitch does so that is what interests them and is considering acquisition of Twitch. Not only that Google said that it would be more sense because Google has already invested in gaming channel such as Machinima which is a network of video game channels on YouTube

Source: Google in Talks About Possible Acquisition of Twitch by WSJ.

While that AT&T acquires DirecTV, it’s not only acquisitions that AT&T has done in the recent because they have acquired another company Cricket Wireless so AT&T is getting bigger and bigger everyday and I am surprised about that because I never expected that AT&T would surpass Verizon as Verizon has more antennas in United States than AT&T which you can see on the maps from the both cell phone providers website Verizon and AT&T you will see that Verizon covers nearly the entire United States while AT&T only cover a little over a half in west of United States so of course I am surprised about AT&T acquisitions of both companies DirecTV and Cricket Wireless and if it was Verizon that did the acquisitions then I would be more less surprised but not only that, it would make more sense because Verizon was the leading provider before the acquisitions that AT&T done and now AT&T is knocking the backdoor of Time Warner and Comcast while Verizon has a lot more of antennas (towers) in United States than AT&T and AT&T has that much of money to make such big acquisitions as they did? Very impressive and that surprised me in big way and I am not even going to congratulate them for that and I feel sorry for the customers who is subscribed with DirecTV (Good luck!).

That is so many of acquisitions going around lately, listing so many acquisitions is getting myself tired! I must wrap this up because it is near my bed time and I hope that I cover the most of important about the recent acquisitions of different companies and if I miss any of recent acquisitions that I did not mention then please feel free to point out by leaving a comment below and I will do some research on them and if corrected I will either edit this article or writing another article which I probably prefer to write another article to be more sense. If you have any ideas what I should write next please do leave a comment below or shoot me a e-mail by going to the contact tab on the top of the website and then submit a e-mail form and I will read them when I have the time to.

Thank you very much for reading this article and be sure to keep checking back here to see if I am writing another new article which I should be by either tomorrow or on Tuesday depending on if I have any free time. I hope that all of you have a great night and I hope all of you stay safe wherever all of you are or whatever it is that you are planning on to do for tonight! Stay awesome, my friends.

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