9-24-2017 Snippets

No long time see here! I know I haven’t written an article for the blog or any blogs for that matter and I apologize for keeping many of you in the dark waiting for a new article from me. How are you all guys and women? I hope that all of you are doing well, any of you who were affected by hurricanes whether it be Harvey, Irma, Jose and now Maria I hope that all of you are safe! Hurricanes are no fun, it is one of the most powerful weapon harnessed by the mother’s nature who had attacked several islands and mainland of the United States such as Texas or Florida. Now the Hurricane Maria recently attacked Puerto Rico and a few of islands around which have caused catastrophic for these people as they have lost hundreds of homes and most of the islands have no electricity. My heart goes out to you all who were hit by the hurricanes and for these who are in path of the Hurricane Maria please be safe! I am doing A-Okay myself because we have lost one of our beloved family members on September 10th this year, we weren’t expected of this at all as it happened in blink of an eye and that is why I didn’t feel like writing an article or to do anything for a couple of weeks as I am grieving due to the loss of my beloved. I truly appreciate all the emails, messages from some social media, comments on my personal Facebook account which is only privatized for family and friends. Not only that I also made a post on my public Facebook page about this, received a lot of responses from the people as well which I greatly appreciated for that along with some on Twitter and I am overwhelmed by amazing responses that I have gotten from you all! These kindly messages that I have gotten from you eased a bit of the stress that I had especially on that day when it had happened and a few days after.

You are amazing, truly you are amazing, and I am overwhelmed by that. Thank you so much again! Being there for someone even if that person is a stranger are very important, because with all of negativity that we have going on in this world especially from the government and whatnot. After all, we all are human beings and sometimes we need someone to talk whether that we ask or shows that we need someone to talk with about something that bothers us.

9-24-2017 Snippets

I have put everything on hold including blogging because I didn’t feel like doing anything as I grieves for the loss of our beloved family member which I will share in case some of you don’t know what happened. During that times I have written a couple or three topics that I feel the need to share my opinions or thoughts with you all and for the rest I will think of other topics on the fly as I write this if I am still in mood to continue writing after I have written the topics that I have written down on the list that I wanted to talk about a while back. I hope you all enjoy today’s snippets!

Oreo’s Death

Who is Oreo you may ask? It’s our dog, a house dog that is who we took care of since birth by another dog that we had named Bell which was named by me but most of us call her Bella and she is the mother of Oreo. Bella passed away a few years ago. Bella gave a birth to two beautiful pups, very unique ones that is, we gave both the names which is Oreo and Wiggles. Both Oreo and Wiggles are siblings as both was born only a few seconds apart, but both didn’t look like each other at all. Both were the cutest pups we have ever seen, Oreo was very unique one because when she was born she was hype and chubby. Wiggles born hyped as well and he was over excited which is where his name Wiggles comes from. I named Oreo and Wiggles was named by my mother. Mainly I named Oreo because she had the color patterns of Oreo and it looked like she had already eaten some Oreos before her birth (haha!). Our house’s floor is wood, so Oreo would slide everywhere as she tries to get up and walk while she was just learning to walk. It was most adorable thing I have ever seen in my life. I fell in love with her immediately and I would always greet her saying “my baby girl”. Every time when I did that, she would get very excited and she would come over to put her head on my shoulder or lean herself on my chest for me to pet her. Most of the times when I wake up, Oreo would run to the bed and jumps over the bed to greet me as I wake up. The bed I sleep on is water-bed and her weight probably easily penetrate the water-bed mattress especially that she had very long nails, but I never cared of that because all it mattered to me was that I see her happy. Oreo was one of 7 dogs that we now own (we now own 6), Oreo immediately became as if she is the queen of the dogs’ family along with another dog of ours named Cassie who is the oldest of all.

On Saturday, 9th of September I was just woke up and my mother told me that she must keep an eye on her, so I asked her what was matter with Oreo. She said that she looked as if she had seizure and from there we had tried everything in our power to get help for Oreo but there were no vets that opens on Saturday. We kept an eye on her, praying that the time would hurry so that Monday would arrive and then we would take her to vets right away at the first light. Unfortunately, she couldn’t hold on that long and passed away on Sunday morning at around 10:30AM. That broke our hearts in millions, she has been with us for close to ten years and suddenly she had been taken away from us. So that didn’t go well with us obviously. Oreo was my baby girl, who I would wake up seeing with her nail wiggling and kissing me every day suddenly disappeared. It wasn’t easy for us all and we are still grieving the loss of her. I was so angry at the world on that day and I almost couldn’t get a handle of myself. On Monday, she was supposed to be going to a vet as emergency but instead she went to cremation and yes, we decided to cremate her which is the first time we have ever cremated any of our beloved babies because usually we would bury them out back in the mountain behind my house. We decided that we wanted to keep her with us longer, for indefinite if you will so we had her cremated and we each have necklaces with a small amount of her cremation in. We have an urn of her cremation, but we wanted to keep Oreo everywhere we go so we decided to take a small amount of that from the urn and put in all our necklaces that we brought from pet cremation. Here are some pictures of my baby girl, Oreo. Enjoy!

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What’s Up with Governor of Kentucky Matt Bevins Closing All Abortion Clinics?

I just got a notification on my news feed, where I personalize my news feed so that I can get some news on specific topics and one of them are Kentucky as it is my home state. A notification popped up where someone had reported news in an article stating that the Governor of Kentucky Matt Bevins is doing everything in his power to close every abortion clinics in the state. I know that everybody has different opinions on abortions, as there are one group of people who believe that there should be abortion clinics so that the women can make their own choice to have abortion and other group who is strongly against abortion (pro-life) because they feel that having abortions is same thing as murdering an innocent child.

Most of the Republicans favors no option for abortion and most Democrats favors options for abortion only if within’ a good reason. Disclaimer here, this is my own and only opinion – you are more than welcome to share yours in the comments section below.

Which one am I? Oppose or support the abortion? I am right in the center. While I strongly believe that aborting a child before the birth is sad but at the same time I keeps in mind that we have many rapists out there in this world who made women pregnant without consent. That is why I am right in the middle, I don’t agree and never will agree that the abortion clinics should be closed especially by the governments. In fact, I believe that there should be as many as abortion clinics as they can have in this world so to allow the women to have abortion. I mean, why in the heck should they keep the child after they were raped by someone? That is heartless. Every woman should have the choice whether they want to keep the child or not since they would be the one who must suffer the most. Of course, some of the people out there does not realize that if it was the other around that the men get pregnant instead of women and they will do everything in their power to make sure that there is abortion clinics so that they can have it taken out of them. Ironically, most of the men are the ones who think that they have the decision on whether to open, expand or close abortion clinics without dialogue from the women and that is because they aren’t the ones who have to go through this especially if they had been raped or get pregnant by someone that they only found out a few days later that they were just using them for sex. The Governor of Kentucky, Matt Bevins announced that he wants to make sure that there is zero abortion clinic in his state and oppressed the wishes of women who want to have abortion clinics in case if anything were to happen to them. Yes, babies are precious thing and I strongly agree with that but not every man is fit to be a father so why should a mother have to suffer that without the help of the father to raise the child? And that apply to some of the women as well as there are many unfit mothers out there. Shame on the Governor of Kentucky for wanting to close every abortion clinics in the state and we need to do something about that to prevent that from happening. By taking away the abortion clinics would show that Kentucky doesn’t really care about the wellbeing of women and that is embarrassing if we were to let that to happen in the commonwealth of Kentucky. What you didn’t know is that there is now ONLY ONE abortion clinic in Kentucky and the only one abortion clinic is fighting to keep its door open.

Kentucky’s last abortion clinic fights to stay open in court by Deborah Yetter at USATODAY

Only Good Thing Comes Out of Trump’s Presidency

I know, I know you probably are rolling your eyes and thinking that I must be delusional but fear not. While a lot of people share their thoughts on what the president did on daily basis, whether it be what executive order he had signed and whatnot I have noticed something while I observe from behind of all this mess that is going on around in this country. I notice that it’s bringing out the ugly side of the people that we never knew that exists of them, it rips the pretty masks on their faces and shows the ugly faces of theirs right out in the public for all of us to see. What we have learned from that? Many of the people we didn’t know are racist, many of the people we didn’t know is misogynist and xenophobia. It is sad really, but I am glad that we get to find out the true colors of the people that we surrounded ourselves daily so that we can know where our positions are with them and disconnect ourselves from that kinds of people that we never knew. For example, the other day I saw a few of posts on Facebook from a few of people who happens to be on my friends list saying that they disagree with the idea of confederate statues removal and I would reply to some of their wall posts to let them know one of many reasons why this is happening. I told them that the only reason that statues were there in the first place was to let the people of colors to know and to be reminded that the white people still dominates this country. So that many of cities decided to remove the statues to make the first step to show that they are listening to the people of colors and that they want to be inclusive among with them. Most of the responses I have gotten from them was that I need to go back and read my history. All they worried about the history instead of making the first step to show that we sorry for what we did to them and to make sure that they are more than welcome in this country. Not many realizes that the reason that statues were put there was to remind them that they were once slaved by us and many of us especially new generations realize that it’s not acceptable. They weren’t put up there just because of history, like Ricky Taylor aka Ridor said that the confederates are the loser of this war and why are we still honoring them? It’s very weird to honor losers when we should honor the winner which in that case – the United States.

United We Fall, Divided We Stand

Wait, no I am wrong – It’s United We Stand, Divided We Fall. No, no. I am saying it right. I mean, look around us and if you don’t see that it is clear as a day that we are divided more than ever then you might need to get your eyes checked out. That’s one of Kentucky’s motto “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” when Kentucky entered the union on June 1 in 1792. I am talking about this county, United States that we all lives in is divided more than ever since Barack Obama’s Presidency in 2008. When Barack Obama became the president of the United States, people starts dividing themselves because the fact that Barrack Obama is the first black President and a lot of people hated that (too bad!). Fast-forward to today, there are some people who is saying that the reason we are divided is because we don’t like Donald Trump as our President and I have a flash news for you – that’s not even true. It wasn’t Barack Obama’s fault and it wasn’t Donald Trump’s fault either because it was all American’s fault. By that I mean, a certain group who hate the idea that the man who became the President back in 2008 was a black man and they divided themselves from us which that makes them what? Racist. Racism plays a big role in what makes the Americans divided more than ever. Maybe, you can say that Donald Trump makes it even worse, but the point is that there were a lot of people who couldn’t stand the fact that the 44th President of the United States is black. I ponder on that many times, wondering why a lot of people just couldn’t look past the colors of people’s skins and look at them as human beings that we are? No, don’t tell me that it’s hard to not notice. The fact that if you could see past the person who happens to be white then you should with the people of colors. It is unfortunate that we are divided, if you think that Donald Trump will be the one who unite us then you are wrong because that will never happen especially we know how he behaves towards them especially during his campaign as he has his securities kicking out some of the people colors at public avenues when they have every right to be there as it is open to public. If it is a public avenue, then they have every right to be there to speak out however they feel, and they are not supposed to be kicked out for it either as it is in United States Constitution they have freedom of speech to speak however they feel towards the government or anyone. But unfortunately, our President denied their freedom of speech which is within’ their right to do so and removed them from the public avenue that he visits which they have every right to be there. It is sickening and what even more is that this is 2017. Sometimes I am dumbfounded by a certain group of the people and most of the Republicans but again I shouldn’t be as it is one of their patterns.

Over to You

Unfortunately, this is the end for a while or at least for the day. I am already getting tired as I have been up since one o’clock yesterday and haven’t been to bed yet. It is 10:25AM now as I am typing this, so it’s almost twenty-four hours since I have been up, and I still have a few of things to do before I can go to bed so by the time I am finished with everything that I need to do, it probably will be twenty-four hours or longer since I have been up. Thank you so much for all your time, again I thank you so much for all the responses that you have sent me over the loss of Oreo and that means a lot to me. I hope that all of you enjoy today’s snippets, I know it isn’t a lot like I usually write but my brain is shutting down as I type, and I don’t want to end up typing something nonsense. Please feel free to leave a comment below and I will try to write another article soon. Again, thank you and I hope that all of you have a great day!

Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan

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