8-15-2017 Snippets

How are you doing today? I hope that all of you are doing very well, I am doing well myself although I have been very busy lately and I am getting a bit more excited that the summer is coming to end because if you recall in a few of articles that I have written a while back that I am a big fan of winter. Because of the snow and the cold weather if its average temperature for cold such as 20-30 degrees because if under that then it would become somewhat intolerable for me. Not only that, while I do love snow but I don’t like when they get to the point that we would be stuck for a long time or on these days when we have an appointment with the doctors of ours and whatnot but if it’s snowed in on the days that we are not needed somewhere then that is what I am all for as long as we don’t lose electricity. Did you all enjoyed your summer so far? We only have about a month before the temperature will start drops drastically especially in the last weeks of September to first week of October unless the mother’s nature isn’t ready (climate change). I know I haven’t written a snippets article since a few weeks ago, mainly because I didn’t have much of topics on my list to share my opinions on and over these weeks I have written some topics that comes to my mind slowly until I feel that I have enough of them to write a snippets article.

Thanks to Microsoft’s OneNote software for both PC and Mac, as well the app for iPhone so that I can write some topics that comes to my mind that could be interesting and it has auto-syncs/save where all I do was to type what came to my mind then I closed it without worrying about losing them or forgetting them in due time as I am forgetful sometimes.

8-15-2017 Snippets

Looks like I have eight (8) or nine (9) topics on my “Topics to Blog About” list and I might more likely will dismiss one or two of them if I feel that they are no longer important or too old of news as I have been writing this list over a couple of weeks. I hope that you will enjoy my opinions on some of the topics and news that I think it’s important to share! If you have some idea for some topics that I haven’t covered that you would like to hear my opinions on then you are more than welcome to suggest some topics by going to this “submit” page here or look for “Submit” tab at top of this website for you to suggest some topics that you would like to hear from me on here. I would greatly appreciate as many as topics I can get from you because it seems that I am running out of something to say lately as I have written hundreds of articles for this blog.

YouTube Gaming Live-Streaming

I have been live streaming a lot of videos playing a few of new released video games such as DiRT 4, Google launched YouTube Gaming to compete against the king of live-streaming for gamers and they were succeeding until Google decides to start slapping gaming YouTubers with copyright infringements which takes away their ability to live streams their video games. It’s a bit unfair, Google should expect that if they were to launch a live streaming service that is dedicated for gaming YouTubers that they would bound to live stream copyrighted contents as they had no choice but to do so because it is there and there is nothing that gaming YouTubers can do to prevent that from happening. It makes no sense for Google to launch a live streaming service dedicated for gaming youtubers when they know that they would be live streaming their gameplay that contains copyrights. Twitch doesn’t punish their users for live streaming any video games that they want to live stream of their gameplay for their fans and viewers but Google does. Apparently, I am one among of these gaming YouTubers who received a strike for copyrights infringement because I live streamed a few of events in DiRT 4 and it’s impossible that I magically prevent to show someone else’s copyright. I mean, that is the purpose for YouTube Gaming is to stream some videos of their gameplay and with Google knowing that. I can wholly understand if it was for YouTube only but this is for YouTube Gaming which is a separate service that is dedicated for gaming YouTubers? Google, you can no longer competes with Twitch if you decide to slap gaming YouTubers with copyright infringement that would take away their ability to stream their gameplay and I recommend that you put it out of service if you plan on to continue doing this.

For those wondering why I haven’t posted new live streaming videos on my gaming channel at YouTube Gaming then now you know why. They have taken away my ability to live stream until Oct because of a copyright infringement in one of DiRT 4 gameplay videos. If you’d like to continue watching me playing video games I suggest that you subscribe my channel at Twitch instead which is now owned by Amazon as they acquired it not too long ago.

Filtered Pictures on Instagram Or on Other Social Media

How can you filter pictures that you have taken with your smartphone or even with a camera? What’s up with these people who filters their pictures with crowns, butterflies, background stripes and whatnot? It’s unpleasing in my eyes. I can tolerate if you use some of the effects for the pictures in some situations by either improving the clarity of the pictures or to make the pictures to stand out more but putting something on the pictures whether it be drawing or some stickers is a bit annoying and not only that it can ruins the pictures. If you want to add text on pictures, that is fine if it’s at the bottom of the pictures and adding effects such as turning the pictures into gray color or to make the picture looks as if it was taken with vintage camera but covering with some kinds of arts or whatnot? Please, don’t! Especially if you do so too often, I blame snapchat for making a lot of people into thinking that it’s cool to put arts and drawings on their pictures. Long before, people rarely do that and since the launch of SnapChat we have started seeing these pictures all over on the internet which is unpleasing.

Therefore, most of my pictures on my Instagram is often taken as it is or will be used with effects only in a certain situation to make them pops but hardly with any arts and whatnot because that is the beauty of photography. Of course, I am not telling you to not use them as you are more than welcome to continue ruining these pictures with them and that won’t stop me from following you because I always try my hardest to look past these drawings or arts so I can appreciate the photography work as if they were from the viewpoint.

Strategy of Republicans in West Virginia To Remove Democrats

There’s a delegate or a representative in West Virginia that I personally know have shared a terrifying new or more so a rumor that he has heard in West Virginia House. There has been a rumor that’s going around in West Virginia that is beginning to come true, Trump Administration is planning on to put Rick Perry in Department of Homeland Security then grab a United States Democrat Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia to put him in Secretary of Energy and replace United States Democrat Joe Manchin with West Virginia’s Governor Jim Justice who recently switched a party from Democrat to Republican. This is all a strategy to add more Republicans in the senates, that is if United States President Trump decided to put Rick Perry in Department of Homeland Security then put United States Democrat Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia in Secretary of Energy and have West Virginia’s Democrat-Switched-To-Republican Governor Jim Justice to run for United States Senator to take the vacant seat that belonged to a Democrat United States Senator Joe Manchin.

I truly hope that this won’t happen but again this is coming from a representative/delegate of West Virginia and there has already mentioned of putting Rick Perry in Homeland Security from Secretary of Energy then have Joe Manchin to take Rick Perry’s seat in Secretary of Energy and then have Jim Justice to take Joe Manchin’s seat in United States Senates. Here’s a screenshot of the post that West Virginia Representative/Delegate about this and I won’t share his name as I haven’t asked for the permission but if he give me the permission then I will update this article below here.

Wv Representative's Post

Manchin eyed as potential pick for Energy Secretary: report by Max Greenwood and Devin Henry at The Hill

North Korea’s Nuclear and United States Situation

I see that there is a lot of people on social media who is afraid of the situation that is going on with the United States and North Korea with their nuclear missiles. I will say that I can understand their fear, however North Korea have threatened the United States for several years especially when the son Kim Jong-Un became the leader or President of North Korea since the death of his father Kim Jong-Il. What some people doesn’t know is that over in North Korea, they have their teachers in school teaching the children that the United States is the evil and teaching the students with a lot of false information about the United States so to brainwash them to think that the United States is truly bad. United States isn’t that perfect, United States have done a lot of things that we as citizens aren’t proud of for what our governments have done to other countries as we aren’t great with diplomacy with other countries but the teachers in North Korea are instructed to teach the students that we are ten times bad than what we have done. It is understandable that the government of United States are getting tired of North Korea’s threats, even a lot of citizens and both political parties who is getting tired of threats that we have gotten from North Korea for many years. Past presidents that we had threatened back North Korea diplomatically, by slamming several sanctions at North Korea and cuts a few of pathways of revenues that North Korea gets from their sales of imported products. The problem is that, even we have stopped them from getting a lot of money which could be put into their nuclear production and this may be the reason that they don’t have tons of nuclear missiles as if we didn’t slam North Korea with these sanctions with the helps from other allies such as United Kingdom or other countries then North Korea might could have far more nuclear missiles than what they have now which would be more terrifying. However, North Korea somehow successfully built a nuclear missile with what it’s called spherical which is a rounded ball where they put them inside of the tip of a missile and that is where things get worse from there. Sanctions didn’t stop them and now unfortunately we have the wrong President now to threaten back at North Korea without thinking of the words carefully or whatnot which intensified the situation between both countries. North Korea now is threatening to launch a nuclear missile aimed at Guam which is one of territories belongs to the United States and Guam is known for the island of United States military.

Should we be worried? Because of how childish and crazy North Korea’s President is, yes, we should be. But North Korea is so far away from United States, United States already have defense set up in Middle East and as well Guam which could defend the nuclear missiles by North Korea if they were to launch one. That depends on if the United States defense machinery works well and is accurate enough to hit the nuclear missile from North Korea. Even with the nuclear being exploded in the air can be a bad thing, we truly don’t know how good or how bad is the nuclear missiles that North Korea built so it is all depending on that. In my opinion, I think that North Korea knew that they don’t have the capability to throw their nuclear missile to the mainland of the United States otherwise they wouldn’t say that they are planning on to launch a nuclear missile at Guam. Unless, because of North Korea’s leader is stupid for thinking the Guam is one of the states.

Anyway, bottom line we should be worried because of North Korea’s leader and United States Administration but on positive side is that our technology is superior advanced comparing to North Korea’s technology in military.

Van Helsing TV Shows

A few days ago, I saw that Netflix have added a new television show calls Van Helsing with one season and I was curious if it was any good or not so I decided to watch an episode. I immediately saw a Deaf character, that excited me because I was thinking that it is about the time that we have more Deaf actors in both television and films but then I quickly recognized the actor from Hells on Wheel TV shows that I watched on Netflix a long time ago. So, I decided to look up on the internet to verify that it is the same actor from Hells on Wheel and it happened to be so. I was disappointed because I know that Christopher Heyerdahl is not Deaf or even Hard of Hearing and what disappoints me even more is that the sign language that was used in Van Helsing is nothing but gibberish. Van Helsing was getting interesting at the beginning of the first episode until I saw the actor who pretend to be Deaf and even worse who is very gibberish in American Sign Language. Why in the heck would they give the Deaf role to a hearing actor? It’s no different from giving a white man a role of a black man. If they want to have a Deaf character in their television shows or a film then they should audit for only Deaf actor for that role and there is plenty of actors who would perfectly fills in that role of the Deaf character in Van Helsing. If this is the television show that the Deaf community complained about a while back, why didn’t they take our suggestion and look for the right actor to take the role of a Deaf character? If they say that they couldn’t find one then that is rubberish because they can be easily found through Deaf Talent on social media.

Shame, I was just started getting interested and then at that point in the first episode they have already lost me as a viewer. I am sure that I am not the only one that they have lost as there are a lot of other Deaf and Hard of Hearing who complained when Van Helsing first aired on television. Looks like I won’t be watching the rest of the season for Van Helsing and for the rest future seasons if they renew for another one unless they finally take our words to replace Christopher Heyerdahl with a Deaf actor in second season then I probably will become a fan of the Van Helsing television show!

P.S. If you have any recommendation for a TV show on Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Amazon Prime let me know by leaving a comment below!

Flameless Lighters

I have heard of the flameless lighters for several months, I don’t know anyone who owns one but I am aware that there are some flameless lighters as they have started producing them over a year ago and I was resisting to buy them because I wasn’t sure if they would be good enough to replace the disposable lighters like the BIC lighters that I use for several years because I am heavy cigarettes smoker. I runs out of a disposable lighter every two month or sometimes three as there are every lighter that lasts differently and I stumbled upon one of these flameless lighters on Amazon so I decided to look at the reviews to see if they were good or not. It came to my surprise, there were over two thousand reviews mostly positive about the flameless lighter and of course that convinced me enough to buy one as it only cost about fourteen dollars ($14). I looked up at their company website, if you were to buy it from their company’s website it would cost twenty-eight dollars ($28) instead of fourteen ($14) dollars on Amazon and I figured that since I could get half of that price that it wouldn’t hurt me. If it was over $30 or more then I would still resist to buy them unless they are vintage Zippos and that would be a different story but at that price for a new idea of a lighter that they just invented a while back would be nonsense.

I brought SaberLight one which only has 200-300 reviews and is one dollar cheaper than the one that people primarily buys. When it was delivered to me, I opened the package and I was pleased with the packaging that they do for the SaberLight because it comes in a fancy looking box (they call it a gift box) that contains the lighter itself with a small rechargeable USB cord to charge the lighter. I decided to charge it right there, I am one of these who would like to charge the devices to full before using them and after the lighter were fully charged. I gave it a try, I was in awe with how it functions as it would be lit up like a very small saber from Star Wars and I stuck with it since a week now. I then decided to buy another one, this time with the one that a lot of people primarily buys which is called Tesla Coil Lighter and the function of it is an arc of electricity to lit up practically anything. It can light up a candle, cigarette, paper and pretty much anything except metal obviously if you have the commonsense. If you are having this in your mind where you feel a bit bad throwing away plastic disposable lighters in trash cans that cannot be reused and want to go green then this is the perfect lighter for you! If you want one for the looks then go for SaberLight one and if you want one that has better technical then go for the Tesla Coil Lighter.

Here’s the links to them on Amazon:

Tesla Coil Lighter – http://amzn.to/2vYulqM
SaberLight Lighter – http://amzn.to/2vAifTA

If you must choose one, which one would I recommend? Tesla Coil Lighter because it has a bit more room for a cigarette than the SaberLight does. But keep that in mind that SaberLight offer a lifetime warranty and by the way it looks on Amazon or their website Tesla Coil Lighter have a limited warranty. It’s up to you, really or get both like I did!

Confederate Statues Removal in Lexington, Ky

The mayor (Jim Gray) of Lexington, Ky which is my state has decided to remove the confederate statue such as John Hunt Morgan, a general, and John C. Breckinridge, the 14th vice president of the United States who also served as the Confederate secretary of war. The mayor of Lexington Jim Gray has stated that they were planning on to remove both statue before the violence in Charlottesville, Va and that because of what had happened in Charlottesville, VA the mayor of Lexington Jim Gray decided to rush the removal of Confederate figures in Lexington. Mayor of Lexington said that they had plan to remove both before this had happened in Charlottesville, VA but they were having hard time in doing so because of Kentucky Military Heritage Commission but with what happened the mayor of Lexington is asking Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council to support a petition to the Kentucky Military Heritage Commission as he says that it would be required to have these figures to be removed.

I strongly agree with the removal of the confederate statue in Lexington, Ky and ANYWHERE ELSE! I see that there are a few of people on my friends who uses the Confederate flags on their trucks, Confederate flag blanket, Confederate flag tattoo and whatnot. The fact that you have them is the fact that you support slavery and not only that but also show that you are proud to be a loser because United States won the war against Confederate in American Civil War. When a country beats a country, they destroy and replace the losers flag with the winner’s flag. United States won but the problem is that the United States felt sorry for the Confederate soldiers so they decided to let them to keep their confederate flag a bit longer to help them to ease their sadness of being loser and ended up letting the people to have confederate flag way too long so it’s time. This is United States, this is not Confederate States of America and if you have tattoos of them I encourage to cover them with United States flag!

Should we remove Confederate?

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People of Charlottesville, VA

These people who fought for their equality, against bigotry and racism I am with you all the way! It is shame for what the white nationalist did to these people, doing more than harm to them and this show that they are being childish. It’s time that the government to do something about the white nationalist, they think that this country belonged to them in the first place when it belonged to the native people before the white men kills countless of native people to rob the land from them. For those who were harmed, I hope that you all have a speedy recovery and the family of Heather Heyer I am very sorry for the loss of a beautiful girl who fought against the bigotry. She is brave and this shouldn’t have happened.

I hope all will be well!

Over to You!

I haven’t been to bed yet, I woke up at about 1 o’clock in the afternoon yesterday and it is going on 10:30AM in the morning now. I still have a few of things to do before I could put my head on a pillow and sleeps away my exhaustion. Even after I am done with this article, I still have things to do with this article such as checking to make sure that I don’t miss anything. After that, I do a bit of spell checking and then do search engine optimization (SEO) for this article then have it published. Not done yet, after that I will be sharing to ten to fifteen social media services and make sure that this pass Facebook’s guideline of instant articles. That is going to be fun, anyway please feel free to leave a comment below if you would like to talk about some of the topics that I have shared here and remember if you have some idea for some topics that you would like for me to share in the next snippet’s article or whatnot be sure to submit them to me by using the submit page! Thank you so much for all your time reading this article, I know that this is a bit longer than most of the recent articles and I have promised this a while back so the promise was delivered although it may be a bit late but better than having it broken! Hope you all have a great morning and please be safe!

Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan.

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