7-24-2017 Snippets

I know that I haven’t written an article for about twenty-four days and I am very sorry about that. Not entirely my fault though, I had planned on to blog last week but then my new gaming computer broke saying that it couldn’t detect any bootable to boot and for some reason there was a defective in my SSD drive so I had to ship the computer to one of the company’s repair shop to have it repaired. This wasn’t the first time that my new computer, since I had got it for Christmas by my mother, messed up because few months ago in May I believe it messed up because there were some pins where the processor card lays at were bent and had to send it off for a repair but ends up getting a replacement with better processor card along with better cooling system for the computer so it’s some free upgrades which I was happy with that. After they shipped the replacement one, I had only used it for a bit over two months and then it messed up because the SSD (solid-slated drive) were defected as I was notified that there was an update for Windows 10 so I had it updated then it brought a screen says something about not finding bootable or whatever it’s called with error code saying 3F0. So, I then called in for a repair and had to ship the computer to them a week and half ago for them to have the computer repaired. Didn’t take them long to repair the computer, thankfully as they had it repaired and shipped the computer back to me within’ a little over a week. While my computer was shipped for the repair, I decided to hook up my old computer that I was using before this new computer and I was notified that there was a Windows 10 update so I had it updated but then it did the same thing for my old computer. After the update, it brought the error saying that something about being unable to boot and that there may be something wrong with the hard drive so I decided to just use my MacBook Pro that I got last year until I get the new computer back. My bad luck didn’t stop there, a couple of days later after I had the computer shipped to be repaired for once I was in mood to write something for the blog and I ended up discovered that the hosting company that I use decided to migrate all my websites to one of their new server.

This was 4 days ago, good enough their migration for some websites to their new server didn’t go as smooth as they’d like and I couldn’t have the access to the backend where I manage all my websites. So, I immediately contacted them via live chat on their website to report about this issue and finally they could solve all my websites except this one JoshiesWorld.com which is my main website. The support said that she didn’t have the access on their end that she would have to submit a support ticket for me for one of other technician to investigate so I warned her that I won’t tolerate a long delay so she said that it should be fixed within’ 24-48 hours. It has passed, longer than that and I still couldn’t have the access so I had no choice but to talk with the support via live chat. I said I warned that I wouldn’t tolerate a long delay, that I am still unable to have the access and that while I am here that I demand for them to fix their end immediately or I’ll start shopping for their competition. They immediately fixed it, finally and so here I am!

7-24-2017 Snippets

About time that I can have the access to my websites, so that I can get back to managing all my websites and to write some articles for here at JoshiesWorld.com! It has been hectic month for me so far, I am hoping that things will be calmed down before the end of this month July and thankfully I can see that it’s calming so I hope that it stays that way.

Movies and Television Shows

I have watched a lot of movies lately, I have a thing for the movies and television shows. I can never get enough of them, in fact I watch them so quick to the point that I get frustrated for not being able to find anything else and I am known for impatient person so I am not really a fan of having to wait for several months until they can release a new season for the television shows that I am a fan of or new movies for me to watch. I am very much looking forward to see new season of The Walking Dead on Netflix, the seventh season which is probably old for many of you as you watch them on weekly basis with every new episode coming out on each weekend and I am not a fan of that waiting because like I said I am a very impatient person so I prefer to have a whole new season ready for me to watch so that I can watch three or four episodes of several television shows each day which is a lot better than having to wait for one new episode for every weekend. I am starting to get close to finished watching the new seasons of The Flash, The Arrow, Supergirl and the 100 which isn’t a good thing for me because I don’t like running out fast so I decided to find something else to at least slow me down from watching these shows so that I can take more time with these shows until there’s new seasons for some of other television shows such as The Walking Dead, The Z Nation and whatnot to come out.

There are a few television shows that I turned to as alternative and to slow me down a bit from running out so quick with these television shows which is my favorite shows. Thankfully, I have subscription with all of three popular services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. If you are in same situation as I am in, wanting something else to watch to slow you down a bit from running out of watching your favorite television shows then here is the list that I would like to recommend!

Amazon Prime –

Under the Dome
Animals Kingdom
Falling Skies
The Expense
Teen Wolf

Hulu –

Sleepy Hollow
The Handmaid’s Tale
The Strain
Shadow Hunters
The Path
Lethal Weapon
Black Sails
The Invisible Man
The Golden Girls (this never gets old!)
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
12 Monkeys

Netflix –

Wynonna Earp
Switched At Birth
Vampire Dairies
Mad Men
Stranger Things
Grey’s Anatomy
The Gates
The Riverdale
The Shannara Chronicles
Black Mirror
The Nikta
Z Nation
Star Crossed
Lost Girl
The Messengers
The Travelers
Hells On Wheel
Iron Fist
Jessica Jones
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
The Almighty Johnsons
Sons of Archery
Dark Matter
Into The Badlands
Terra Nova
Transporter The Series
Crossing Lines

Healthcare Bills in Senate

I have a few of people asking me to clarify what is going on with the senators and their healthcare. To put this simple, they are wanting to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act with something worse. However, if they failed to do so and they want to go ahead and repeal then work on the replacement later which is not a good thing. The new healthcare that Senates purpose isn’t good, they want to remove all the important ones including the Medicare which is vital to the Americans in this country as there are millions of people who has disabilities and cannot work to afford the insurance for themselves which this is where the Medicare comes in. Majority of the Republican Senators want to kill the Medicare program, while at the same time charging the senior citizens a lot more than what it does in the current healthcare (Affordable Care Act) and will causes the insurance companies to increase their costs for anyone who’s in the market for the insurance due to removing the individual mandatory for insurance. With individual mandate for insurance is what helps keeping the costs down a bit because since the insurance has millions of people as their customers which is more than they ever had before and with this removal of the individual mandate would means that they would lose millions of customers so they would want to raise the prices for premiums to keep the insurance companies going in the market. It’s unbelievable how the Republicans who has their mind so set to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace with something else that will not be good in the long run. They would love to repeal and not replace with anything but they are pressured to not do so by the Americans. What is even worse is that Republicans refused to involve Democrats to work on the replacement to replace the Affordable Care Act and the Democrats has tried to be involved but Republicans closes the doors on them while only having the Republicans inside the closed room to work on the replacement which isn’t a democracy thing to do. I can remember that when Democrats purposed the Affordable Care Act, they involved Republicans from the beginning to work on the healthcare together and to come to the middle that is a win-win for both parties. But now that the majority in both house and senates are Republicans they refused to bring in Democrats to work with so that isn’t a good thing especially that Democrats were willing to have Republicans involved to work on the Affordable Care act when most of the House or Senates were Democrat. Democrats could have done the same thing by refusing Republicans to be involved with the Affordable Care Act and do what Republicans tries so hard to do for several months but they didn’t.

Bipartisan is important, it’s how democracy works and the way Republicans doing isn’t democracy. Republicans now starts to see that they cannot get the repeal and replacement through without having the Democrats involved. But Republicans is now trying to do it again without Democrats again next week as their last effort and if it doesn’t get through then they will have no choice but to work with Democrats only if they want the Affordable Care Act to be replaced. I am truly hoping that the new healthcare that Republicans has in their hands will not pass and that their plans of repealing it fully will not be passed otherwise the millions of people with disabilities or senior citizens will be losing their insurances then they won’t have anything to afford to take care of themselves. The replacement is cruel as it can get, it’s not democracy and what they are doing isn’t right. That’s all I can say, if you are happy with your insurance and or if you have Medicare then I highly suggest that you contact your state senators to tell them to vote no on the repeal and replacement next week. If you want to know how to contact your state senators to tell them to vote no, go to this link which it will take you to JoshiesWorld’s Facebook page and there will be a post with instruction on how to get through your senators.


Blogging Apps or Software

If you are a blogger, what client app or software do you to use to write articles for your blog or for the news? There are some journalists who uses certain apps or software to write some news for the news company and that goes the same for the bloggers. If you use one, please leave a comment below and let me know the name of the app or software that you use to write to publish an article for the news or your blog! I am one of them who prefer using app or software instead of directly writing the article from inside of the platform, for Mac I use MarsEdit and for Windows I use the blog post in Office 365 Word. I had almost brought Desk few days ago when I was using MacBook Pro while my gaming desktop was being repaired somewhere but I then changed my mind and keep using MarsEdit instead. I’d love to hear what you use!

Bloggers Who’s Deaf?

I only know two Deaf bloggers out there, if you are Deaf who has passion in blogging then please let me know by leaving a comment below and if you aren’t but know some then please let me know by leaving a comment below! I would greatly appreciate it.

Mozilla Firefox VS Google Chrome

Okay, if you are a vivid reader of JoshiesWorld then you should already know that I am a huge fan of Firefox and recommends Firefox to anyone who’s looking for an internet browser. I have used Firefox for several years, I started using Firefox a few months after they launched it and I stuck with it for more than a decade. Few years ago, I have heard of new product that Google made, internet browser named Chrome and it immediately competes with Mozilla Firefox. I have resisted Google Chrome as far as I know how long, I guess it’s because I had a feeling that since it is made by Google that their internet browser probably would become the leading internet browser in internet browsers war and my feelings were right as Google’s internet browser Chrome soared right off the ground after the launch of Google Chrome. I had few friends, few of them who happens to have same profession that I have which is web development and highly recommended that I make a switch from Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome. I flat-out said “no thanks” and that they made a bad choice of switching to not-so-good internet browser because Mozilla Firefox is five times better than Google Chrome. Few months later, when my gaming desktop broken down so I sent it to the company’s repair shop to fix it and I hooked my old computer back up before it also breaks down. My old computer was very slow because it uses old fashion hard drive instead of solid-slated drive that I have in the new computer which is super-fast, so I started using Firefox on there and I struggled with it being that it’s slow. The Firefox didn’t work well with my near-damaged hard drive in my old computer so that’s where I had leapt to download the Google Chrome after I have tried to resist in doing so but I was too frustrated and after I downloaded Google Chrome. I started using Google Chrome, I realized that even with a crappy slow hard drive on my old computer that the Google Chrome is wildly fast and doesn’t lag as much as Mozilla Firefox did on the old computer so from there I started using Google Chrome while waiting for my new desktop to be repaired. Then that new update killed my old computer so I had no choice but to use my MacBook Pro which already has Firefox as I use MacBook Pro for my work stuff and personal. Before I could realize, I was on the way to download Google Chrome on MacBook Pro while there was nothing wrong with Mozilla Firefox on the MacBook Pro because it also has solid-slated drive and I continued using Google Chrome. I finally got my new desktop back from the repair shop, I found myself having the habit of going to Google Chrome instead of Mozilla Firefox and that was odd because I had few other internet browsers on my MacBook Pro but I ended up opening the Google Chrome often without me realizing that I am now hooked to Google Chrome.

I guess I must agree with my friends, Google Chrome is better than Mozilla Firefox (just a tad bit). However, as goes for the features and security then Mozilla Firefox wins this with no question. But when it comes to speed then Google Chrome wins this. Darn you (you know who you are)!

… The End

I must call it a night, it’s 8 o’clock in the morning and I haven’t been to bed ever since 10:30AM yesterday so I am getting exhausted. Thank you so much for all your time reading this article, I know I haven’t written anything for several weeks and I apologize for that! If you have any suggestion for some of the topics that you would like for me to share my opinions or my thoughts on then please click this link to submit your topics suggestion which I would greatly appreciate them because I need your all help with this to build a list of topics for me to share my opinion or thought on! I bid you all a goodnight and please be safe.

Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan.

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