5-30-2017 Quick Tidbits

How did the memorial weekend and day go for you all? I hope that you all had fun over the weekend, today and that all of us are safe considering that memorial weekends are known for an event when a lot of the people would party too much that involves alcohol. Driving while drunk is one of the most stupid thing ever in my opinion, so I hope that if all of you didn’t do that and calls a cab or have somebody as your designated driver to take you home safely. As for me, I never celebrate Memorial Day because I don’t like the idea of celebrating in memory of somebody or something that had happened in the past and it can make me sad. I look at it as negative, I mean how can you bring yourself to party and involves alcohol to celebrate for Memorial Day when it is really in memory of the bad things that had happened to the human beings whether it be family, friends, or strangers? Anyway, I know I haven’t blogged in several weeks and I apologize for that. Not to long ago I wrote an article stating that I was pretty much getting burnt out with blogging and that I am to reduce my activity in blog for the time being in hope that I would find that spark I once had long time ago when I truly was passionate in blogging. I haven’t reached to that spark yet, though I can say that the spark is trying its best to ignite and bring the fire back inside me but at the same time it’s trying to fan out the fire every time that the spark almost ignited. I decided that I would just force myself to write an article since that I haven’t written one in several weeks and it is dues for.

For tonight I am only going to write some little ones instead of a long one that I used to do and I figured that at least it is better than none. Besides, I do have some of the things on my mind that I want to get off and put them out there on here.

Jamie Foxx Gibberish Sign Language on Jimmy Fallon’s Night show

The other night I saw a video clip where somebody had recorded using the smartphone’s camera or possibly it be from tablet as it seems where Jamie Foxx signed gibberish on a nationwide if not international TV show under NBC network channel while Jimmy Fallon was laughing due to the mockery of a sign language that Jamie Foxx did. I was among the first one on social media, especially on Facebook after sharing the video clip from someone’s post and I decided that I would take it upon to Twitter myself as nobody talked about it on Twitter so I shared the video there along with my reaction. Few hours later, Nyle DiMarco himself decided to take the video and wrote a public letter directly to Jamie Foxx and to Jimmy Fallon as well. The next morning, news got a wind of it (about the time) and Nyle DiMarco got all the credit as if he was the first one to condemn on social media. I wasn’t the only one, I may be more vocal but I wasn’t the only one as there were other Deaf people who was sicken by Jamie Foxx’s behavior.

I have tweeted Jamie Foxx, Jimmy Fallon, and NBC my opinion so I did my part. I also asked for an apology, I admit that I shared my opinion a bit strong in direct to all of them by telling Jamie Foxx that it is the odd thing for a minor to mock another minority. What bother me the most is that a lot of people who replied saying that we (Deaf community) are oversensitive, overreacting and whatnot when it comes to a such as this. What a lot of them don’t realize or understand is that American Sign Language is a language, it is no different from mocking Latinos by speaking gibberish Spanish and we don’t really give a crap if our voices are made fun of or whatnot but our language isn’t something to be taken lightly.

Rain, Rain, and Rain

I have seen a lot of people complains about how much rains we have got around here lately, it seems that we are getting heavy rains every day and that is a very good thing. I realize that there is not a lot of people take water for granted, if it wasn’t for rains then we would be complaining about water storage and vegetable shortage. Especially that here in the very eastern part of Kentucky and western part of West Virginia didn’t see much of snows in the last winter. Snow is what makes our soil rich with fertility, because snow soaks into the soil better than the rain does and with this heavy daily rain – be thankful for. It is the alternative to that, otherwise we would be facing drought that other states have faced in the past such as California, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, and Indiana.

Congratulation for Students Graduating from Belfry High and Belfry Middle

I would like to congratulate all of you who were students of Belfry High and Belfry Middle School. The students from Belfry High School who have just graduated this month, I know that feeling especially when the principle declare all students that they have graduated where they throw their cap in the air to celebrate. I know that exact feelings, where right after you done thrown your graduation’s cap, you started thinking about your future from that spot on and wonder where will the future leads you. More than a decade ago, when all students that were graduating throw their graduation caps and I was probably the only one who didn’t because at that time it hits me. Made me think, my journey with the high school ends right here and next step is what? I was excited but at the same time I realize that I won’t be coming back next year to attend classes with friends, to have a lunch with friends in cafeteria and to hang out with friends after school waiting for the bus to pick us up. Scary thought, wasn’t it? As the years goes on by, the more you would miss coming to school in the morning and remembering that you dread it but at the same time knowing that you get to see your friends there. I was the last of several senior students who graduated from the old Belfry High School before they moved to a new improved building a couple of miles away from the old Belfry High School which is now Belfry Middle School.

I would also like to congratulate all of you who graduated from Belfry Middle School, you are about to start a journey where you will find your identity and find out who you really are. I wish you all nothing but the best in your next four years at Belfry High School and study hard! You can find my name engraved at the new Belfry High School’s building especially the building where the football field is. These names engraved on each brick including mine, it is a symbolic of the last students who attended the old Belfry High School and who invested what it is today. Happy hunting! Be sure to take a picture for me if you will!

Libertards, Crying Liberal Etc.

I am so tired of seeing a lot of comments especially on YouTube and as well a lot of tweets on Twitter or anywhere on social media including Facebook where Republicans or Trump supporters would be name-calling us Democrats libertards, crying liberal and others. What I notice is that we Democrats or liberals don’t call Republicans any of names, if we do it would be rarely and we get name-called every second. So, that should say who’s the real losers here and who has dignity or integrity. Not only that, I also notice that democrat and liberals can works with each other, unified while Republicans couldn’t bring themselves to work with each other even in their own party. I rest my case.

You Got to Watch Them!

If you have Hulu, I highly recommend you watch The Last Ship and it is a great TV shows that can keep you sane while waiting for another season to come out for your favorite TV shows like The Walking Dead or whatnot. I cannot wait until the new season for The Walking Dead to come out on DVD, I am one of these people who prefer to wait for them to come out on DVD so that I can watch all the episodes in a couple or three days instead of waiting patiently for every new episode per week. I am an impatient person, probably one of the most impatient person that you ever will know. If you have Netflix, I highly recommend Anne with an E, Badlands, Riverdale, and Wynonna Earp.

If you have any recommendation for TV shows to the readers, please feel free to leave a comment below!

Over to You

Already?! I know, I am sorry but like I said in the first paragraph that I would only write small ones or do a quickie one. Like I said few weeks ago and I will say this again, I will try my best to get myself back into blogging again. My passion is there but my motivation is not and that’s something I have to work on. Not only that, nowadays I can barely think of something to write about which is why I have carried the Microsoft Word app on my iPhone so that anything I think of something that I might would like to talk about here and I only could come up about 7 or 8 topics that I would like to talk about. Only 7 or 8 topics within’ few weeks, I usually could come up with 5 topics a day or another day and I guess my brain isn’t being what it was before. That is the idea of reducing my time in blogosphere so in hope that I can freshen my brain up a bit. Thank you for all your time reading this article and I hope that all of you have a great day! Please be safe.

Thank you,
Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan.

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