4-1-2017 Tidbits

It seems that the time has flown on, yesterday it seems as if it is still in the late winter like in February and now it is the first day of the April! I cannot believe how fast the new year 2017 is going already, maybe it is mainly because I have been very busy that I barely pay attention to the calendar and it passed by me. I remember last year in summer that the year of 2016 were going too fast, that we were already nearing Christmas and I said that I felt everything somehow rushed so now it is 2017 I am saying the same thing except that we are getting closer to summer in a hurry. I am sure by now that through several articles I have written last year especially around in the fall that I was looking forward to the winter because I am a winter person, I am a biggest fan of the winter because I never can stand the heat temperature that summer throws at me in the summer and I am not one of these many people who says that they cannot wait for the summer then they cannot wait for the winter. Not making up its mind, I always sticks with that I cannot wait for the winter for several years now because I am not in particular fan of summer for over a decade and the winter has already disappeared since we are heading for the spring so I miss the winter dearly already even though that the winter have just left us. While the winter is my favorite season, I am also fan of the spring and fall but the most favorite season is the winter because I like cold or cool temperature over the scorching heat temperature that I am not looking forward to when the summer arrives. Anyway, I hope that all of you have done fine lately, I know I haven’t really blog for more than a month or two especially for a tidbits article but besides being busy there are a few of things that consumes my time every day and every night that I would rather not to share the details about them as they are private matters but here I am with at least a tidbits article for all of you to read.

I am writing this tidbits on the fly so I will be adding whatever topics that comes to my mind as I type here instead of having some of the topics on a piece of paper or in a digital note taking such as OneNote which is a great tool to have for bloggers and as well for journalists I am sure because Microsoft OneNote allows you to do a quick writing of anything that you want to remember at later times without having to worry about saving the file since OneNote has auto-saving feature.

4-1-2017 Tidbits

I have a feeling that most of the topics that I will be writing my opinions or my thoughts on is for general audience/readers instead of specifically targeted audience such as hearing people or Deaf community. Again, like I said that I am writing this on the fly so who knows what will come to my mind when it comes to that time and I hope that all of you will enjoy at least one or more topics with my opinions or thoughts for these tidbits!

Marvel Iron Fist TV Shows

I believe last week or maybe a bit over a week ago, Netflix released a new title of the television shows to the few titles of Marvel’s television shows list called Iron Fist. I have just started watching Iron Fist I believe Monday or Tuesday for the first time, when I finished watching the first episode of Iron Fist I wasn’t sure what to think about the new Marvel’s TV Shows Iron Fist but at the beginning you may started off thinking about where is the action and the “wow” scenes because the first impression is everything right? The first episode of Iron Fist doesn’t care about the first impression because they want to start building up from the beginning of the story, starting with a boy named Danny who was supposed to be dead from the plane crash with his parents and the story builds off that to the ending of the first episode where he magically appears in New York being homeless coming from a different dimension where he was taken care of while at the same time prepared by even with tortures from the monks then in the second episode is where the first impression comes in. Since the second episode I was hooked, because from the beginning he appeared in the New York with nothing but dirty clothes and no shoes whatsoever who discovered that his family had set up a business that made him a mogul but the problem is that his family doesn’t believe that it is him due to not seeing him since he was just a little boy thinking that he has passed away along with his parents in the plane crash. I highly recommend that you watch this television show titled Iron Fist by Marvel, it is available on Netflix to watch and it has I believe thirteen episodes to watch. If you have already watched Daredevil then you can tell that Iron Fist TV shows is in the same environment or tell that it is a spin-off from the Daredevil because “The Hand” character from Daredevil is in the Iron Fist TV shows that Danny who magically appeared in New York to defeat The Hand that Daredevil couldn’t defeat so it’s a very interesting to watch. I cannot really give the full opinion or even to grade Iron Fist because I am at fifth or sixth episodes so I am only halfway and I can say that it is worth to watch!

Looking for Broken Devices

I am looking for some broken devices such as smartphone, tablets, laptops, desktops, drones, hard drives and whatnot because I want to test myself to repair them to see if I have the skill or talent to do so to repair some gadgets. I have brought all kinds of professional technician tools that technician uses to repair pretty much any devices that they can get their hands on from the internet and I have no broken devices to see if I can repair some of the devices. So, if you have any broken devices and don’t have any use for them I would greatly appreciate if you would donate them to me so I can see if I have the skill or talent to repair whatever devices that I can get my hands on. If you have broken devices, don’t mind donating your broken devices that you don’t have any use for them please contact me by using this contact page or feel free to contact me through social media and you can find my social media list here so you know where to contact me on social media so that I can give you the address for you to ship these broken devices!

Want to Send a Gift?

I see that some of the people online, especially bloggers and vloggers set up a wish list where their readers, viewers or fans can buy to send them the gifts so I decided to make a wish list over at Amazon which is what they use for fans to send them some gifts. All you would have to do is look through people’s Amazon wish list, if you interest in buying something from their wish list via Amazon then you can do so by buying them and Amazon will do the rest of the work by shipping whatever that is on their wish list to their shipping address. Not that I am asking for gifts or anything, I just saw a lot of people been buying some gifts for other people online and I decided to do one for me so only that you can send me whatever I need on my Amazon wish list to me if you would like to. Here are three or four wish lists that I categorized such as general one, the stuff that must do with the computers and comics stuff that I need or would like to have.

Joshie’s Wish List
Joshie’s Computers Stuff Wish List
Joshie’s Comics Stuff

If you do send me a gift or some gifts from Amazon, please contact me here and let me know so I can know who it is coming from to thank for. I will also add your name or company’s name to the donors list in the donation page if you would be interested to be mentioned that you have sent me a gift or a donation!

About Affordable Care Act

I see that the republicans and the president Donald Trump have failed to get the votes to pass a repeal and replacement for Affordable Care Act. If you don’t understand what is Affordable Care Act, Affordable Care Act is what Republicans calls Obamacare because they were afraid that if the healthcare act fails and that it would blame nobody else but Barack Obama hence Obamacare. Republicans has tried to repeal and replace Affordable Care Act for a few years now. This isn’t the first attempt to do so by Republicans as they have done so even while Barack Obama were the President of the United States at that time but they failed because at that time because Democrat had more control and now Republicans has the control of the government they still couldn’t. That is a good thing because Affordable Care Act is a good healthcare, sure it does have a fault such as individual mandate but the thing is that Affordable Care Act were aimed for the people who is under the poverty line and cannot afford to have health insurance. I cannot understand why there is some, especially Republicans and Trump supporters’ roots to have it be replaced because all they are doing is taking away the people who cannot afford to have insurance such as minorities like myself. It may cost the people a bit more than before, it is because they CAN afford them and we cannot so with that Affordable Care Act is to make sure that the people who cannot afford would have health insurance. Anyone who roots for the repeal and replacement is greedy but again we have a greedy president in the white house. Some people cannot understand that there are many of us, especially the people with disabilities cannot and is NOT able to work needs health insurance to take care of ourselves which we can do so due to Affordable Care Act. Yes, we are very thankful for the taxpayers who helps to make that to happen and now wanting to take it away from us when many of the people who opposes Affordable Care Act have enough money to afford healthcare but they don’t care about that because they just want to get them cheaper, cheaper, and cheaper while leaving us to suffer? Honestly, I don’t mind some improvement to Affordable Care Act but repeal and replace it? Me and over 20 million people do mind. Read Affordable Care Act and read the replacement one more carefully then compare. You will see that Affordable Care Act still is better, because the replacement will double the costs for the senior citizens and the minorities while lowering the costs for the people who has plenty of money but greedy. So be mindful and I sure am glad that the repeal and replacement didn’t happen as Trump said that they will keep Affordable Care Act in the law until they “implode” which they won’t as the latest stats shown that it has become more successful each day but Republicans won’t admit because they just want to show that Republicans has the power over Democrat. How about for a moment, forget the political parties and look at it carefully please?

Obamacare Repeal Results in Tax Cuts For The Rich; Tax Increases and Lost Insurance For The Rest by Forbes

As for the rest of information, use Google or Bing and search for the comparison of both!

Kentucky Association of the Deaf

What in the heck are you doing? I am sad that Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing continues to grow larger each day while Kentucky Association of the Deaf continues to sink like Titanic. I have tried to volunteer to develop a new look for Kentucky Association of the Deaf website and you didn’t take that opportunity when I offered? I am shocked. Look at Kentucky Association of The Deaf website, very outdated and bleak with no information at all or useful features for the members or the features that could convince non-members to become members. Here’s their website: KyDeaf.org

They aren’t even on social media, especially taking the advantage of Twitter and no, Facebook group doesn’t count because there is nothing but full of garbage. It is so depressing, while several other state associations and National Associations of the Deaf continues to update their website with information or looks. At the beginning, when I saw the website and tried to get a hold of the so-called staffs from there to see what’s going on I started feeling the need to do something about it to pull Kentucky Association of the Deaf out of the ground but they didn’t take advantage of that? Something wrong with the picture here. Since then I could smell a very strong odor that I couldn’t recognize and after while I started to realize what was the odor that I have smelt. Status quo, favoritism, and elitism. If anybody asks me for an example then all I would have to do is to point them directly at Kentucky Association of the Deaf. I honestly think that it is time to rebuild Kentucky Association of the Deaf from the ground up, start anew all over again by choosing all new board members, replace the president who act as if she is a ghost and that goes the same for vice president. It is truly depressing.

Fear the Walking Dead

They have released a second season for Fear the Walking Dead and the second season is available on Hulu. I have the first season DVD, from the beginning I was not impressed by it but it is because I am too much fan of The Walking Dead and since they have released the second season for Fear the Walking Dead so I decided to watch it obviously since I am among of millions of people who’s a fan of TV shows like The Walking Dead. I am at tenth episodes, I have five episodes left to go before I complete the second season and I must say that I am impressed with the second season for Fear the Walking Dead. I can notice that there were some changes to a story that has nothing to do with the first season, that is why when you watch the second season you will see that it barely has anything to do with the storyline from first season and that impressed me because I think that the different path that they decide to take is the right decision for the production in Fear the Walking Dead. Usually TV shows will carry some pieces of the story from the beginning, first season throughout the second season and future seasons but Fear the Walking Dead cuts it right there as they came up with a completely different story so now I become a fan of Fear the Walking Dead. Now I can say that I am looking forward to the third season, that is if they decide to renew for the third season and I have no information if they have renewed for third season or not so I will have to find out after this article.

Spring and Summer Activities

Any of you have something in mind for what you would like to do for the spring and the summer? While I am not looking forward to the heat, I do have something in mind that I would like to do for the spring and the summer. For the spring, I would like to try to get as many as people I could get who owns ATV, Side by Side, and Dirt Bike to go on a trail riding at one of Hatfield and McCoy Trails System; Buffalo Trail. Hopefully there are a few of people who would be interested in going on a trail with me as a group and have fun riding as a group. If not Buffalo Trail then maybe the Ballfork Mountain in Blackberry or Martin Trail in Kentucky. As for the summer, I would like to do the same for the spring and along with a trip out of the state for a small vacation because I would like to see something new for once as I am getting a bit tired of seeing the same things every day. Hopefully my dream place to visit, New York City or even I wouldn’t mind taking another trip back to Pigeon Forge in Tennessee which I am getting a bit tired of but if it means to get out of the state for a few days!

Leave a comment below to let me know what you are planning on to do for the Spring and the Summer!

The End

It is getting late here for me, it is at 6:10AM and I am usually in bed by 3 o’clock so I am past two hours and half. As usual, if you have any ideas for the topics that you would like to hear my opinions or my thoughts in the next tidbits please head over to this link and submit your topics suggestion which I would appreciate! Thank you for all your time reading and I hope that all of you have a good night or good morning whichever it is over there!

Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan.

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