2-4-2017 Tidbits

I wasn’t sure if I could ever find the time to write an article for the blog but since I am writing this, obviously that means I have and the time I got is so little so I hope that I will be able to at least finish this article tonight and have it published before I head out to bed. Right now, it is at 2:05AM at very late night, I know I have not written an article for a few days because I have been very busy lately as I had a lot of things on my plate that I needed to do and still have a lot things on my plate that I need to do. I have tried to complete as much I could to clean off my plate, so that I could at least have a bit of room to breathe and have enough time to write an article for the blog without being stressed but that is not the case tonight as I am being somewhat stressed as I still have a lot of things that I need to do. I was thinking about to not write this article so that I could focus on some of other things that needs my attention but I felt that it wouldn’t be right to keep some of you hanging around a bit longer waiting for the next article by me and so here I am writing this article. I have a few of topics on a list which I write every time I would think of something that I think I should share my opinions or my thoughts about them with you all and as well a hand-pick of few topics from the topics suggestion list that I have gotten from you which I am grateful for because that gives me more options for what topics I should share my opinions or thoughts about with you all instead of having too few topics to share my opinions or thoughts which sometimes they can be bland so it gives me some flexibility in that area.

Again, I am grateful for some of the topics that some of you have suggested using the submit form which can be found at the top and some of them through Twitter or Facebook. I hope that all of you are doing well, asides being stressed and sometimes having heartburn I am doing well. Any of you who lives in the areas that gets a lot of snow lately, you are lucky because here in the state of Kentucky we aren’t getting much of snow and I think only time that we had a good snow is one day so far. Hopefully we’ll get more than just one good size of snows!

2-4-2017 Tidbits

Since I haven’t written a tidbits article in a while, the last time I wrote a tidbits article were last month on 21st and that is over two weeks ago so that is quite a while. I hope that I have plenty enough of topics that can make up for two weeks that I haven’t written for a tidbits article and please keep much more topics suggestion coming my way as I am grateful for all of you for your help on that!

Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education

I strongly disagree with that nomination by Donald Trump for assigning Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education and that position should not be taken lightly which it seems that many of the people doesn’t realize how serious it is when it comes to naming someone for nomination to be Secretary of Education. Secretary of Education is at federal level that controls the education of all schools whether they be universities, institutes, charter schools, boarding schools, public schools and private schools. If you want the best education for your children or if you want to get the best education from a college or university then you want the right person to be the secretary of education, especially if that person who have a long list of experiences in education, a person who only have experience in charter schools while has no experiences in other levels of education especially such as public schools which is one of two or three keys to look for, like Betsy DeVos and making her secretary of education can do more than harms to the education for our future generation Americans. Betsy DeVos has no experience in handling a public school, institutes like Deaf schools and don’t even have experience in working with universities or colleges then what makes you think that she would be suited to be the secretary of education? If you think that with some helps from her staffs in that department then you are very wrong because it is all about knowledge. Even some of the people who will be working in Department of Education under Betsy DeVos, that is if she is confirmed will be personally hired by Betsy DeVos herself so that’s not good because where she has no experiences in other than only charter schools she wouldn’t know what to look for in hiring some of the people to work in that department of education and with Betsy DeVos being secretary of education you can expect the education in the United States to dwindle.

Why would you want someone who have no experiences and no knowledges at the helm knowing which directions to lead the ship? What is even worse is that the education for the people with disabilities weren’t even on her mind at all and during her confirmation on television shows it all. She isn’t concerned about the education for the people with disabilities, she isn’t concerned for the low-class or middle class as they attend public schools the most either and she have no clue about bilingual-bicultural education program for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. Charter schools is wholly different from public schools, institutes, universities and community colleges. We want someone who at least have public education experience, administration in some of these public schools, have the know-hows to improve the education for the people with disabilities and knows how important it is to implant bilingual-bicultural education for all systems (public schools, institutes, universities etc.) to make sure that the Deaf and Hard of Hearing children to have a better future with their education. The bottom line is that Betsy DeVos barely have any experience in education and she is about to be confirmed to become the secretary of education so the future of education is bleak.

Trump’s Supreme Court Judge Pick

As I have mentioned that Donald Trump have nominated Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education who have no clue in providing education for the people with disabilities and he has nominated another person who happens to be with more power at federal level; Judge for Supreme Court. Donald Trump have picked Neil Gorsuch to be the judge in replacement for Antonin Scalia for Supreme Court, what many of you don’t know is that Neil Gorsuch has troubling history when ruling on Disabilities Rights case. Either that Donald Trump doesn’t vet his nominees well or Donald Trump likes to oppress the people with disabilities and we all know which answer to that considering that Donald Trump have shown what he thinks of the people with disabilities on national television when he mocked the New York Times reporter who has disability during his presidential campaign. Not only that, Donald Trump also had his white house cabinets to take down the pages that has anything to do with disabilities at White House website which you can head over to that website and search “Disability” or “Disabilities” it will bring up an error page because the white house website doesn’t have anything that talks about disability. So obviously, the Americans with disabilities including myself got a clear message from our own President that we are not important and that we don’t exists (thank you).

That’s not all, as Neil Gorsuch has a lot of troubling history with other things, such as civil and human rights cases too. Here is an excellent article about our new Judge Neil Gorsuch that United States president Donald Trump have nominated of his troubling history when it comes to ruling on disabilities rights case: https://www.aclu.org/blog/speak-freely/supreme-court-nominee-neil-gorsuch-has-troubling-history-when-ruling-disability

I am on Twitch

I have decided to start a Twitch channel to stream videos of my gameplay, I also stream with YouTube Gaming as well but I have been partnered with YouTube for several years now and I am not partnered with Twitch so I focus on Twitch more for now trying to build the channel up to be qualified to become partner at Twitch to monetize for all the videos that I streams for the games that I play using the computers or rarely on Xbox One. If you are one of people who loves to watch some of the people playing some games on live, you are more than welcome to follow my Twitch channel and you can do so by searching for the username “JoshiesWorld” or just click this link which will take you to my Twitch page for you to subscribe. I have started playing Assassin’s Creed Syndicate on live, from the beginning and hopefully to the end of the campaign for the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate although I am planning on to buy another game in a week or sooner. I am thinking of getting Fallout 4, it depends on if I feel convinced enough to buy the game and for now I will consider it a bit more to decide if I should get Fallout 4 or not. If you play games on computer, leave a comment below and let me know how you like Fallout 4 or have some games that you would like to recommend!

Reboot #WHccNow

Last year a well-known Deaf advocate named Braam Jordaan, pushed the White House and Obama Administration to add closed captions for all their videos on all the services such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or others. Since the white house has been taken over by the new administration, Trump Administration and we noticed that they don’t provide closed captions so I am the one who advocated the Trump Administration to add closed captions for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Americans. For a couple of weeks, I have been trying to contact the white house and the administration every possible way I could think of. I have sent both an e-mail, even sent an e-mail to their social media director and their press to let them know that they are required by Americans with Disabilities Act to provide closed captions for all their videos that they have produced. After several attempts, I was ignored so I decided to bark louder by writing a public letter, reporting every video that they have made to Federal Communications Commission, reported their videos for missing closed captions and pressed Trump Administration with several tweets demanding that they provide closed captions for all videos that they produced. They then responded by adding closed captions all their videos on YouTube except the ones that’s one or two days but any videos that is older than three days or four have closed captions and I am still not satisfied so I again directly tweeted the white house, administration, secretary of press and social media director that they must provide closed captions as soon as they upload the videos to all the services that they uploaded the videos to. This was this morning so I am waiting to see if they get the message or not and if not then I will pressure them more than I have been until I see that they start adding closed captions to every video that they have uploaded on the same day.

Here’s my article that I wrote a few days ago about the closed captions under Trump Administration in case if you have missed: http://www.joshiesworld.com/president-trump-and-white-house-captions/


I wonder why many of the people doesn’t use e-mail to communicate with other people? I am sure that most of the excuses is that it is because many now have Facebook and guess what? Not quite. Not everyone has Facebook and they still use E-mail. E-mail is in fact more secure and safe than using Facebook private message or Facebook Messenger to communicate with other people. I can remember the good days when a lot of people rely on E-Mail to communicate with others and rely on E-Mail to contact anybody that they know. E-Mail is still good, in fact several corporations, business, schools and many of others uses e-mail for a reason. Because it is safer, secured as I have mentioned and in my opinion e-mail is more effective than using Facebook private message or Facebook Messenger to communicate. I cannot fathom how many people thinks that Facebook private message system and their Facebook Messenger are mails because I realize that a lot of the people who would say for me to mail them then I ask them for their e-mail addresses and they would ask me where can they get the e-mail address? I said, the e-mail address that you use to exchange with others and they asked me where can they find that address through Facebook? I was puzzled by that and asked them what they mean by Facebook? They said mail me on Facebook. From there I didn’t know how to react, as I was still puzzled at that time by the fact that they think that Facebook has mails and I respond with the word: Idiot. Of course, they felt offended by that, so I explained that these are not mails as it is private message system and that the Facebook Messenger is what they call “instant messaging”.

By that I almost feel the urge to just remove myself from Facebook and tell these people that if they want to have a way of contact with me that they would have to e-mail me using one of e-mail services. I have my personal e-mail system, safer and secured this way while at the same time I get to personalize my own e-mails which is something I like but if you don’t have a server or a domain registrar to use e-mail then I recommend Gmail at Google.


Good TV Shows to Watch

The latest television shows that I have watched through the services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Primetime. I highly recommend “When Calls the Heart” and “Hells on Wheel”. Both can be found on Netflix which I am sure that many of you have, as today we barely watch anything on the cable anymore and it is no wonder why the cables are struggling as many of us prefer to watch movies or television shows on streaming services. If you have Hulu, I highly recommend Smallville, Kyle XY, Timeless, The Liberians, Legend of the Seeker, Shadow Hunters and Vikings.

The End

The time is running out quicker than I thought, it is about to be 4AM and I am getting tired. I still have a few of topics on the list that I would like to share but that will have to be put on hold until the next time and I hope that I will be able to find some time to write another tidbits article sooner than two weeks. I will always try to at least have one article wrote once or twice every week but as for tidbits articles, they may be a bit longer and it is because they take a bit longer than just one topic article. If you have some suggestions for some topics that you would like to hear my opinions or thoughts, please head over to this link or find the submit tab at the top of the website and send me some topics that you would like to know what is my opinions or my thoughts on them. I would be grateful for them, I always look for as many as topics that I can get and always try to think of more topics to share with all of you! If you would like to share your opinions or thoughts on these topics that I have shared mine, please feel free to do so and be sure to trackback the link to your article to this article so some of us can read them too! We bloggers need some love!

Thank you so much for your patience, I apologize that it may take a bit longer than expected for me to write a tidbits article and I have struggled to find the time to write one but on the weekdays, I rarely can find any time for myself to get some rest. Every weekend I extends my time a bit longer so to try to find the time to do something that I like doing including blogging and or playing the games on the computer. Hope that at least one of these topics entertains you and feel free to leave the comment below if you would like to discuss about my opinions or thoughts but please keep this in mind that every one of us have different opinions or thoughts so please be civil!

Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan.

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