2-12-2017 Tidbits

I know I haven’t written a blog post for several days, more than a week now since the last blog post that I wrote were February 4th and I apologize for that. I just couldn’t find the time to write a blog post past several days, it has been time-consuming for me lately with other projects that I am working on and it is overwhelming to the point that I rarely find any time to sleep because the later I get the shorter sleep I will get. I barely find the time to keep up with the news that is going on around here in the United States and in other countries so that means I hardly had the chance to come up with some of the topics to share my opinions or my thoughts on news this past week. After the summer last year, my schedules became so messy to the point where I barely know what tasks I think I can complete and what tasks I must dismiss to complete some of other tasks especially the ones I consider more important than others. I believe that one or two blog posts earlier I have stated that I would try to write more blog posts than I have been since the summer last year, it is obvious that I have failed doing that and I will say this that I have no absolutely idea if I will be able to find the time to write blog posts on regular basis that I used to because of other projects that is taking a lot of my attention away but I will at least say this that I will try my darndest best to write a blog post once a week for the time being instead of three or four times a week that I used to. I just will have to try to figure out my schedule a bit better, this would mean that I will have to strategically figure my schedule as much as I can and hopefully I will be able to take myself back on the track to where I can at least write a blog post two or three times a week instead of once a week for the time being so I hope that you will bear with me for now until I figure something out.

As for the projects that I keep on talking about, I cannot share details about that because some of them are for clients and it is agreed that I would not reveal what it is that I am working on. As for my projects, I prefer to not share any details about it either because I fear that if I do and then someone else will copy some of the ideas that I have for my projects then have them launched before me. However, there is one thing that I can say now is that I am looking for one or a couple of people who would like to be involved and have the share of the benefits from it.

2-12-2017 Tidbits

As I said above that I barely find any time to keep up with the news that’s going on around globally so that I could pick something that I think is interesting and to share my opinion(s) or thought(s) on some of news along with other some of the topics that has nothing to do with the news. It usually would take me to come up with as many as topics I could think of within’ two or three days comfortably, but since there is chaos in my schedules to where I could barely find the time to write the topics that I want to write a blog post about and I had to think of few topics within’ two hours in one night (tonight) to write for a blog post tonight so I rushed to come up with as many as topics I could think of that may be something interesting to share my thoughts of them. If none of these are any good, believe me it is very understandable being that it was done in hurry and now it is at 3 o’clock in the morning which is past my bed time. I haven’t been to bed since ten o’clock in the morning yesterday and I have a feeling that I won’t be able to go to bed until close to the same time that I woke up yesterday morning so that will be twenty-four hours.

Bloggers Where Are You?

I notice that there are some bloggers out there, especially here in the United States and other countries that have freedom of speech doesn’t realize that they have the power to be vocal against anything that is believed to be harmful to our constitutions. Sure, being in person to rally with the group is more effective and the group who rallies can be sometimes heard by the government or corporations. However, by individual to be heard can be done through blogging and social media but blogs have more power because it is more public than it is on social media. I am puzzled about why that not many bloggers take that to their advantage and write an article which can be used as a public letter to oppose anything that we believed is unconstitutional especially from our own government. I took this blog to my advantage to condemn the Trump Administration for not offering closed captions on their videos that they produced by the white house and reminded the Trump Administration about sections 504 and 508 of Rehabilitation Act where that require Trump Administration in White House to offer closed captions for the Deaf Americans. In result of that, they added closed captions to all of videos on White House YouTube although only for the videos that is 2 or 3 days older and that is still a problem because they are supposed to offer closed captions for the video(s) as soon as they uploaded to White House’s YouTube channel. I have pressured Trump Administration since about three weeks for now and still pressuring them to add closed captions to their videos as soon as they upload a new video to White House’s YouTube channel. Nonetheless, if I hadn’t along with the help from Braam Jordaan using the resources that he has when Braam Jordaan led a movement in 2014 to ask Obama Administration to provide closed captions for their videos Trump Administration probably wouldn’t have any of their videos captioned on White House’s YouTube channel and now Trump Administration provide closed captions for their videos although they need to provide closed captions for every new videos they uploaded instead of waiting for two or three days before adding closed captions to their latest videos on White House’s YouTube Channel.

Here’s my article that I wrote about my activism in Trump Administration to offer closed captions and I was also involved Obama Administration as well but Obama Administration were led by Braam Jordaan while Trump Administration is being led by myself with the help of Braam Jordaan. http://www.joshiesworld.com/president-trump-and-white-house-captions/

So, if you are a blogger and lives in a country that has freedom of speech and freedom of expression then I urge you to use them to get your message across. The easiest way to get your message across using your blog is to share the blog post that you have written and then tweet your blog post to your senator, president, prime minister, representative and whatnot or corporations whoever that you write about or using the hashtag if it is about something instead of a person.

The Power of Republicans

Seriously, what is up with the Republican Party? They harness too much of power instead of sharing the power equally with other party, Democrats even if Republicans have the most seats in both House and Senates. I was disgusted but at the same time I was not shocked or surprised at all because it is common with the Republicans after the Republican Party Leader Mitch McConnell from Kentucky silenced Democrat Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren when Elizabeth Warren speaks of Jeff Sessions history with arresting people of colors activists in 1986 in Alabama when Jeff Sessions was Alabama’s General Attorney at that time and shared some words of Coretta Scott King. Republican Party Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell asked everyone in the room to vote to silence Elizabeth Warren and since most of the seats belongs to Republicans obviously, the votes were passed so Elizabeth Warren was ordered to be silenced to not say anything that is related to Jeff Sessions (confirmation). I think that’s a bit too much, if a party can take other’s party rights to freedom of speech and freedom of expressions away then ours can as easily be taken away. That’s scary thought if you ask me, that just add another reason to several reasons on my list for why I am proud to be Democrat and knowing Democrat has integrity; I wouldn’t mind sharing the power if it is shared equally but to Republicans they want it all to themselves. They did not aim to silence Elizabeth Warren, they also aimed to silence an iconic woman and that’s Coretta Scott King.


Pikeville, Ky; What’s Wrong with You?!

What’s wrong with many of you who started inviting a lot of the people to the event and not recognizing that the event is marketed FOR the white working people only? Yes, I am aware that this is not the first time that it has happened but that’s not my point here, my point is that it is being happened again and not many of you were aware about this or didn’t pay more attention to what it is that they were doing for the event. What am I talking about? I am exactly talking about this event’s flyer that they have designed for the people to share around on social media like Facebook and Twitter to try to get as many people to attend to that event.

Click To Enlarge

If you don’t see anything wrong with that event flyer then I highly recommend that you either to get your eyes checked or your brain checked and just to be safe I will say both! It is no wonder that the state of Kentucky being the first state that went to Trump, especially that Trump were heavily endorsed by KKK and you don’t get to tell me that he wasn’t because you know that he was! At the first when Kentucky went to Trump, I wasn’t so sure to why most of Kentuckians voted for Trump and now with that flyer I now know why. I mean, that says it all, plain as day and it is sickening. Some of you who is on my friends list that has shared that flyer around, you disappoint me dearly and one or two of you I was surprised. I see that there are some talks that there will be a protest, I will join the protest if the talks do the talks and at least there is a glimmer of hope especially I am seeing that there are some coal mines who protested it.

Here’s the news that’s talking about it: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/coal-country-tells-white-nationalist-groups-to-get_us_589c9206e4b0985224db5e30

Dear, My Family and Friends – STOP SHARING!

I saw a couple of you who happens to be my immediate family members shares several videos around on Facebook where it shows that the cochlear implants and hearing aids works for the people who becomes Deaf or Hard of Hearing. I am Deaf and I am your family member yet you are doing that? Wow! Just wow! What you don’t know is that most of these videos you shared where it shows that they were happy after being able to hear for the first time, they were really pretending to be because they were being pressured by their own family such as their audism parents who suppress Deaf and Hard of Hearing people. They were feared that if they protest or refuse to have cochlear implants or hearing aids that their parents or family members would looks at them as if there is something wrong with them and looks down at them. Do your research on that, you will be surprised at how many Deaf and Hard of Hearing refuse to have them or when they grew they wished that their parents didn’t get them cochlear implant and they have them to be surgically removed. There are many horror stories you can find online and I recommend that you do some research on these or ask some questions in Deaf groups on Facebook.

Fake News, Alternative News

First, alternative news? OKAY! Fake news, funny thing about that is that many of people who supports Trump will fall for fake news and for the people who happens to not support Trump reads real news. It is obvious, don’t go telling some of the people that they are fake news especially if they are coming from independent news or neutral news otherwise you are encouraging a lot of people to read the fake news instead of reading news that isn’t fake and or alternative news when there is no such a thing about alternative news. Many news outlet have ethics that they follow, in journalism they don’t get the information and then release them right away unlike so-called fake news that many of you have read including Fox News. In journalism, for them to publish anything whether it be online or in newspaper they must double checks everything and fact checks any information that they have gotten from some of the sources before they investigate through them. You have no idea how strict they are, especially journalism in popular news outlet like CNN, Huffington Post, Washington Post, New York Post, New York Times, and others. For instance, if you were to tell them that somebody have stolen a lighter from you they are ordered to not believe you then another person tells them that someone have stolen another person’s lighter and they still be ordered to not believe them either. For them to go ahead with something to investigate, they would have to hear the same story or similar five or so times from different areas that is far from each other’s and then they will feel that is something going on so they investigate to make sure that what everyone is saying is true before they can finally be allowed to publish the news that somebody has stolen a lot of people’s lighters. Hope that help you to at least understand a bit of how journalism works in the news outlet, Fox News, and other fake news such as TownHall, BreitBart, Wall Street Journal, Drudge Report, The Blaze and among others. You can as easily identity them by looking at the title, like these fake news outlets I mentioned has the word “Conservative” in their titles while rest of others like the real news I mentioned don’t mention Conservative or even Democrat as they are independent news. REAL NEWS!

That’s why you have seen a lot of these news coming from TownHall, BreitBart, Wall Street Journal, Drudge Report, The Blaze, Fox News, and others shows a lot positive things about Trump or Republicans because REPUBLICANS IS CONSVERATIVES! So, I suggest read the ones that is NOT Conservative and NOT Democrat or Liberals either then you will see honest news as they can get. I already gave you a few names of the news outlet above so start reading them and avoid the names I mentioned are fake news. Happy Reading!

Come On! Join Twitter!

Why are some of you resisting to join Twitter? What are you afraid of? There is really nothing bad about Facebook, however you can get more networking on Twitter than you would get from Facebook and on Twitter you can have a conversation with other celebrities or public figures while on Facebook you hardly can. Want to engage in a conversation with your senator, your representative, celebrity, or public figure that you have a crush on and many? Sign up on Twitter! I look at Facebook for keeping in touch with close family, close acquaintances, and close friends but on Twitter EVERYTHING! Yes, Twitter doesn’t have everything that Facebook has and that’s something that I like about Twitter because Twitter is all about sharing information or getting words around with other people. Be straightforward, simple, and easy to navigate around.

Sign up! https://twitter.com

People That Needs Your Help

Okay, I have decided that every new tidbit blog post I write will include a list of the people with links that genuinely needs some help with funding and donate any amounts that you heart desire or what you think is right for these people. If you would like to be asked for some donations on here from the people that reads this blog and everybody that follows me on social media you are welcome to contact me by using the contact page which can be found at the top of this website or you can click here to go to the contact page. Please note that I refuse to mention any people’s request for donation if I notice that they are unnecessary, if I find out that you are just asking for a donation so that you could get a video game then forget it, a new computer or a new vehicle or whatnot just because then forget it because I only will accept if you truly need some support to at least get you some foods, a month or two bills of house rent until you get assistance from government or a job and stuff like that. If you truly need some help with getting money for medical bills that you absolutely cannot afford, school supplies, foods, or something that you truly need (not just because you want) and whatnot that at least to keep you afloat until you get aid from government or a job.

Ricky Taylor – https://www.paypal.me/emailridor9th

Need funding to keep him afloat until the jobs that he sent applications in gives him a job as he has a job coach who helps him to find a place to work and to attend Master school. You can read his vlog which is in American Sign Language below.

Josie Dillion – https://www.gofundme.com/replacedillonfamilyjeep
In wheelchair, only a vehicle that has handicap assists to help Josie to transport herself around and hers was stolen a few days ago by two murderers which you can find news about this here: http://www.wsaz.com/content/news/Police-responding-to-shooting-in-Charleston-413091973.html

Good Night!

Or good morning? Because it’s 5:43AM here now, I need to get my butt to bed as I said I have been up since 10 o’clock yesterday morning and I am exhausted especially after a lot of things that I have done today. Even though I am being finished with this article, I still must try to double-check to make sure that I am not missing anything out here and then after that I do search engines optimization for this blog post. Usually it would take me about an hour to complete every blog posts I write, depending on how large and small they are. I am still in need of your help with topics suggestion, I am calling some of you out to suggest some topics that you would like to hear my opinions or thoughts for the next tidbits article I write and I have no idea when that will be since my schedules is so messy that it’s not even funny. In case you forgot where to submit topics suggestion, you can do so by going to the submit button at the top of the website or you can just click here to go to it and I would be very appreciative for any topics that you can suggest for my next tidbits article! Thank you so much for all your time reading this article, I hope that at least one topic that’s interesting for you to read and for now I bid you all a good night! Err… Or Good morning?

Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan.

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