11/15/2016 Tidbits

I am going to try my best to make this a short tidbits article but again I really don’t know if it will be a short or long, sometimes I would have about three to five topics that I want to talk about and next thing I know that after I finished writing what I wanted to talk about these three to five topics I ended up thinking of more topics that I would like to talk about on the fly so when it comes to me writing any tidbits it is really unpredictable whether if it’s going to be only a few or is it going to be a several topics. As right of now I have about three or four important topics that I need to talk about and hopefully that I don’t start thinking of more good topics that I would want to talk about which I have often when it comes to writing tidbits article. If I do ended up writing more than intended with three or four topics then I hope that you bear with me and who knows maybe these topics that I thought of on the fly could be valuable information for some of you to know about. I know that there is two things that I must talk about in this tidbits, these two topics won’t be pleasing to some of you and this even may anger some of you but I truly don’t care because this is my opinions or my experiences. If you disagree then that is perfectly fine because it’s my opinion or my experience which not everyone have the same opinion as mine or the experiences that I had experienced and you are more than free to share your own opinions or experiences on your weblog if you have one as you have every right to do so just as I do with mine.

What two things that I must talk about is Deaf Grassroots Movement in Kentucky, a small details about the Deaf Grassroots Movement itself and I have the need to talk about Kentucky Association of the Deaf as it is a Deaf organization of the state that I lives in Kentucky obviously.

11/15/2016 Tidbits

Deaf Grassroots Movement of Kentucky

Before I get into it, Deaf community have formed a movement calls Deaf Grassroots Movement to be the watchdog of the issues that is going on around here in the United States and make sure that the government is educated about the Deaf needs by doing a periodically peaceful rallies. Deaf Grassroots Movement started when over a thousand Deaf and its allies marched to the white house in September 2015 to demand that they do something about our education, our jobs and our equal access to things. What does equal access means? As example, let’s say that if Deaf moviegoers decided to go to their local theaters and pay for a ticket to watch a movie but found out that their theaters have no closed captions while they provide audio for the people who can hear isn’t fair. That’s one concept of equal access. The first rally for Deaf Grassroots Movement, even before it had a name they rallied at the white house on labor weekends last year and it was successful rally. Now after the rally, Wesley Arey who is one of the founding members that founded Deaf Grassroots Movement decided to have national rally by having every one of fifty states in the United States to rally at each states capitols on the May 4th of 2016 and each state has ranked members such as Representative, Assist Representative and Activists.

Since I live in Kentucky, their representative named Juliet Cain decided to resign and was in search for a new representative for Deaf Grassroots Movement of Kentucky. Some of them stumbled upon me, decided to offer me a representative for the Kentucky state and at that time I decided to have a talk with the representative at that time who was resigning to give me some details of what I need to do. After a few hours I accepted the offer, notified Deaf Grassroots Movement that I am new representative for Deaf Grassroots Movement of Kentucky, at that time it was for temporary representative but I accepted regardless and I realized that Deaf Grassroots Movement of Ky wasn’t doing good. Each states uses Facebook groups, in Kentucky state there was no one making any noise and it was deafening as nobody seems to post about anything in that group. I tried as much as I can to get things hopping, so I started posting as often as I could and hoping that the members would at least engage in but that didn’t go well so I decided to make some attempts to have a conversation with Deaf Grassroots Movement liaison which is Tar Gillman at that time. No answer so I decided that I would try another way, which is contact Daisy who was responsible for executive stuff for Deaf Grassroots Movement and I never got any luck either as I have tried to call them a few times and as well tried to message both of them through Facebook message. At that time, every representative was asked to not to contact Wesley Arey for some reason and that both of them are the only two to contact which I have made some attempts to do so but failed to get through them.

After realizing that I was unable to get through them so I decided that I would try to figure a way out to improve Deaf Grassroots Movement on myself and few weeks later I wasn’t aware that both of them were talking behind my back to replace me with a woman who thinks she knows it all named Dodie Karr. There was a voting whether to keep me or to replace me with her without my knowledge, while I was too busy trying to figure out a way to improve Deaf Grassroots Movement of Kentucky that I take a pride in and next thing I know that all of my works I did from the beginning to that day were erased as if nothing had happened. After I found out that Deaf Grassroots Movement became a favoritism and picked her without me knowing I was devastated. All of the energy I had put in, all of my day and all nights I pulled were put into were robbed from me right underneath me. Their excuses were that Dodie is well-known, had more experience and all that crap. I realized that they become corrupted as they hand-selected representatives that they knows and not giving someone new a chance to try. So in the end of that, I wasn’t given a chance to have some experience and by their action is probably what stops me from at least have one credibility to contribute the Deaf community especially in the state of Kentucky. Dodie had plenty experiences and I had so little, she could have put to use for something better and give someone a chance to build an experience so that they would know what to do for their Deaf community.

After they gave the representative to Dodie, of course Dodie have to get something better and she became vice president of Kentucky Association of the Deaf (KAD). That is exactly when it raised red flags, she is all about status quo and not really for the Deaf Kentuckians which is unfortunate. Even she didn’t show up at Kentucky’s capital for national rally on May 4th with an excuse that she has to make a trip out of the state for some CDI training. It is shame and that didn’t look good on her at all. I care about Deaf Kentuckians too much for her to care all about status quo and not the Deaf people of Kentucky. Of course I fought to keep the representative for Deaf Grassroots Movement of Ky because I am truly a grassroots who had nothing, just like others while my replacement had something that none of us ever had and that’s because she never gave any one of us a chance just as when I was representative that she had to take it from me. Even when I stepped down, accepted assist representative but on my conscience I couldn’t be assist representative any longer to watch her playing Deaf Kentuckians that I deeply care for and left. I refuse to be under anyone who cares about status quo more than its people and that’s always have been my principle. Of course some of the people over at Deaf Grassroots Movement upset that I had left, for several months I didn’t want to say anything because I don’t want to hurt Deaf Grassroots Movement of Kentucky itself that I deeply care for and kept myself quiet but after I continued to see how Dodie have been doing sickens me so I feel that it’s important that I share my reason why I left.

So if any of you who read this and is in Deaf Grassroots Movement of Kentucky. Please know this that I didn’t give up on you, I never have and I never left because of you as I only left because I just could not on my conscience to sit back to watch how Dodie is being all about status quo and cares about that more than any of you which that sadden me. I apologize for leaving.

Deaf Grassroots Movement itself is no longer corrupted so I am glad to see that it’s improving, as Wesley Arey is taking Deaf Grassroots Movement in the right direction and I hope nothing but the best luck for the Deaf Grassroots Movement itself. No I will not come back to Deaf Grassroots Movement of Kentucky, I just simply cannot on my conscience and I don’t want to be in part of something that doesn’t contribute much of anything good to the Deaf community instead of all about status quo. What many of you did not know is that after I resigned as assist representative, when I was replaced as representative by Dodie I said that representative place shouldn’t have been given to Dodie and I even admit that it shouldn’t have been given to me either as there’s one person who truly deserve that position which is John Layne but of course Dodie sweep what I said under the rugs as she didn’t want to give up her position as she is all about status quo.

Kentucky Association of the Deaf

What is wrong with all of you and I mean seriously? After the election, new administration and new staffing you still haven’t improved a dang thing. You are a lot worse than the way you have been all these years ago. Of course, that comes to no surprise as that Dodie Karr who loves status quo is the vice president of Kentucky Association of the Deaf does not do a thing as she is all about status quo. What even surprise me is that the new president of Kentucky Association of the Deaf Nina Coyer seems to be the same as Dodie is – All about nothing but status quo. I honestly think that Kentucky Association of the Deaf needs to be gutted out and start over from scratch. By gutting out, I meant start over with board, new president, new vice president and staffs with new bylaws. I have tried to offer to take care of Kentucky Association of the Deaf website as it is in desperate need for one, I am web developer as I attended to university (Westwood University) for bachelor degree in Web Design and Multimedia. The main skills of that is building website but also at the same time to learn how media works so I can build a website and run a media team if needed but they didn’t take that opportunity which is somewhat odd considering that I thought they was wanting to improve Kentucky Association of the Deaf but again I was wrong as they are just all about status quo.

Seriously Kentucky Association of the Deaf have two logical choices, disband or start over anew.

What’s Wrong With You Green Bay Packers?!

I am somewhat shocked to see the direction that NFL team Green Bay Packers is heading and the direction that they are heading isn’t good. Green Bay Packers is my all-time favorite team since I was four years old (ironically #4) which is in 1991 before Brett Favre was signed so that says something. Green Bay Packers has done so good for several years since Aaron Rodgers became the quarterback after Brett Favre supposedly retired but then changed his mind and it was too late as they went with Aaron Rodgers to be the face of Green Bay Packers in the year of 2008. In the year of 2008 Aaron Rodgers started off badly, it wasn’t his best year but a year after the first year we would see significant improvement in Aaron Rodgers as Green Bay Packers quarterback and in the year of 2010 he was pretty much got the handle of the team then a year after that in 2011 Green Bay Packers went to the Superbowl under Aaron Rodgers. In that Superbowl against Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers won the Superbowl with the helm of Aaron Rodgers and since then Green Bay Packers have been at their high career for several years until this year. Suddenly the team that we all knows is nearly unrecognized as the team that we know so well that won the Superbowl in the year of 2011 and now they are on 3 losses streak which isn’t good thing for the team. Since the year of 2008, Packers have grown successful but this year they are at the low point of their season and many Packers fans already have their fingers pointing at who they blames for not doing good this season.

Some blames coaching staffs, some blames Aaron Rodgers and some blame the general manager Ted Thompson. All of these have different reasons to be blamed of and the most one to be blamed for is the head coach Mike McCarthy.

In my opinion, who do I blame for how bad Green Bay Packers have been doing this season? Aaron Rodgers? Only a bit. Head coach Mike McCarthy? Entirely and its staff. For some reason their head coach Mike McCarthy is starting to look like a different head coach, not the Mike McCarthy in the year of 2011 that won them a Superbowl championship. For some reason Mike McCarthy has called bad plays to his players, along with Dom Capers making bad play calls as well and I am sure that Aaron Rodgers made a few mistakes in calling some plays but I really blame the most on the head coach Mike McCarthy. Aaron Rodgers may be the helm of the team but doesn’t make every single play calls, Mike McCarthy does the most and Aaron Rodgers only do when he has to. I am disappointed in Mike McCarthy, do I think that he should be fired? Not necessarily although I am keeping my eyes on him and if he doesn’t come up with something that can put Green Bay Packers back on the map that they are supposed to be then I will be all in for having Mike McCarthy to be fired. Some of the Packers fans are saying that Ted Thompson should be fired too. Why should he be? It’s his style and that’s what makes it so unique. He had successfully recruited the players that we thought at first was a bad move and these players ended up surprises us often. For example, Aaron Rodgers? At first no one wanted Aaron Rodgers because he was drafted very late but look where he have taken us. That goes the same for some of the other players.

I am truly hoping that Green Bay Packers gets their priorities straightened out and start winning before it’s too late for going into the playoff.

Battlefield 1

I have bought a new calls Battlefield 1 for PC, yes for PC and I know a lot of gamers like to play on some gaming consoles such as Microsoft Xbox One (S) or Sony Playstation 4 but I like playing games on PC. For Battlefield 1 game, you have to make sure that your desktop or laptop is up to par for a game like Battlefield 1 because it requires a such powerful graphic card like NVIDIA Geforce 1060 or NVIDIA Geforce 1080 to get full experience of Battlefield 1. So far I have played 3 parts of the campaign, I think that Battlefield 1 is probably the most realistic world war game than the previous Battlefield games. It takes you through the story of what have happened in the world war which is amazing story that they have set up for you and it makes you feel as if you are actually there on the battleground in different places in World War 1. I highly recommend Battlefield 1 whether it be PC or other gaming consoles.

Get it for PC
Get it for Xbox One
Get it for Playstation 4

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

I am always a fan of Call of Duty franchise, I probably owns every one of Call of Duty games starting with the first Playstation one. Each Call of Duty games is unique, because you never would expect what the story you will be getting from Call of Duty but this one for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare you gets the sort of space war if you will. You are being sent to the space and fight the enemies in the space where you get to fly the warships in dogfighting with other enemies planes which is fun. I am not sure how far I am in this game, although only negative I can say is that the campaigns for Call of Duty games are known to be short and I am hoping that the campaign for this one Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare won’t be as short as the other Call of Duty games. I also highly recommend Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare who loves to fight as a solider in space because that’s what Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is pretty much all about.

Get it for PC
Get it for Playstation 4
Get it for Xbox One

Don’t Be So Quick To Say Donald Trump Will Officially Be The President

If you think that after the election on November 8th is the final decision for a candidate to become the next president of the united states then you thought wrong because it’s not finalized. There is still a little to go before we can actually say that he for sure will be the next president of the united states. Why am I saying that? Because these electoral votes that you sees each candidates got is not finalized, they can be changed if they wish and this means that the electors can vote for Donald Trump on the election day then decided to change their mind and switch their vote to Hillary Clinton then they can do that. This will happen on December 9th, that is when the electors will meet in their states to fulfill their pledges or change their mind and vote for the other candidate. This can happen, Hillary Clinton can still win the presidency. There is already over 4 million signatures for a petition to demand the electors to change their decision and vote Hillary Clinton as their final vote. In fact there are already a few electors who have said that they are changing their mind and is considering to give it to Hillary Clinton instead.

Here’s the petition if you would like to sign: https://www.change.org/p/electoral-college-electors-electoral-college-make-hillary-clinton-president-on-december-19

Here’s the link for you to learn about December 9th electors who can change or keep their pledges: http://nypost.com/2016/11/09/the-one-scenario-that-could-still-get-hillary-into-the-white-house/

Over To You

I must stop here as it’s getting to way late for me. As earlier I have said that I have about 3-4 topics that I want to talk about and that I intended to think of other topics on the fly that may make the tidbits article to go longer. It looks like I made it although I did thought of two topics on the fly such as a short review of both games the Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. It is bed time for me! Feel free to leave a comment below to share your opinions, thoughts or whatever if you wish but please have a mutual respect for each others and I would greatly appreciate that as every one of us have different opinions of our own. Thank you all for some of your time reading and I bid you all a good night!

Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan.

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