10-21-2017 Snippets

Hey you all! I know I haven’t blogged anything in a very long time, the last time I blogged was last month on 28th in September about the people takes a knee in sports along with my opinion on it and you can find it here. I noticed that I am not as motivated to blog this year and last year as well since in the end of last year was when I reduced my activity in blogging due to a few reasons. One of these reasons was that I am aging, and my body isn’t what it was used to be so it’s a bit hard on me especially with disabilities I have. The combination of severe disabilities and the aging isn’t a good thing, it is painful. I know, it’s life and all that but with disabilities or illness while aging is not fun. While I am not blogging, most of the times I am usually either watching tons of television shows on streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO and Starz so at least I am entertained. Mentally, I am doing good though and physically is what limits me in my activities now. Every time I tried to write an article, I would be already exhausted and so would be my body which can be frustrating at times, so I decided to find a method where I could at least keep writing an article because I love news or media industries – they are my passion. But now I can at least get an article going thanks to Microsoft’s OneNote, every time I found something interesting or thought of something I would open the OneNote and make a draft of different articles so that I can only write for each topics that I have on my list instead of writing the entire article on same day when my list of topics were getting too long. Definitely saved my energy, so that I wouldn’t exhaust myself while being already exhausted as much as I would if I am writing an article in one day instead of writing what I need or want for each topics then close the application as it has auto-saving feature which is a plus for me.

Are you ready for the winter?! I sure am, in fact I am excited by it because winter is my favorite season of the year and more, so I love snow. Of course, if we aren’t snowed in to the point where we cannot go anywhere and that it does not knock out our electricity. I don’t know, I just have a very special feeling for the winter since I was a kid who loved playing in snow and the atmosphere feeling of being with the family in winter. Although, I no longer have a family except my mother and I am very thankful for that because I don’t know what I’d do without her every year.

I do have two sisters, father, nieces and nephews but they have better things to do than to do anything with me which is fine with me although I’d love to see my nieces and nephews, but I don’t as I and my siblings don’t get along with each other anymore, so I have to wait until they become old enough to decide if they want to come or not – that is if they remembers or know who I am by then. They are my pride and joy no matter what.

10-21-2017 Snippets

Anyway, I need to get on with my snippets and I appreciate these suggestion for topics from you all! Be sure to keep sending more topics suggestion my way if you don’t mind.

Game of Thrones Review

Oh man, what can I say about this series produced by HBO! A few years ago, I saw Game of Thrones Season One on a shelf over at Wal-Mart and it caught my attention because of the design that they did with the covers, so I decided to buy season one and two as they had just come out with the second one at that time when I saw them at Wal-Mart. After getting home, I decided to pop in the season one starting with the first disc which only includes three episodes each disc and I was starting to get hooked by the series. For a couple of weeks, I watched the season one and I was near at the end of season one but then for some reason I stopped watching Game of Thrones. I didn’t lose interests or anything, I just stopped watching and I started forgot that I have Game of Thrones for some reason. I think maybe it has to do with few of other television shows coming out with new seasons via Netflix or Hulu for The Flash, The Arrow, The Gotham and whatnot so I paid close attention to these shows to the point I forgot that I have Game of Thrones. Some of you know that The Flash are one of my most favorite television show, so the distraction plays the role in this and made me forget Game of Thrones. A few seasons later, I saw a lot of people talks about the 7th season for Game of Thrones that just came out and how good it was so I remembered I had two seasons of Game of Thrones so I decided to watch them again as I was finished with watching the newest seasons for The Flash, The Arrow, Supergirl, The Gotham, The Walking Dead, The Last Ship and Fear The Walking Dead so I figured that it’d be good time to watch Game of Thrones once again. I noticed that I was behind several seasons, so I decided to subscribe to HBO via Amazon Prime to watch Game of Thrones, the 7th season wasn’t available for DVD yet and isn’t still until in December when they will release Game of Thrones season 7. If you subscribed to HBO channel through Amazon Prime or HBO themselves, you get to watch the latest episodes they produced and the television shows that they released a several months before putting them out on DVD for sale so that was the reason I took that route.

At the beginning in Game of Thrones, it is very interesting, but I think that it wasn’t their best though and that they could do much better especially with the storyline itself. So, I would say that season one is good but not their best and as the seasons goes on it gets much better to the season 7. If you haven’t watched Game of Thrones, then be warned that I am giving spoilers so if you don’t want to know then scroll down to the next topic. There were seven (7) different lords under a king, one of them named The Starks were my favorite out of all and there will be some lords where you will hate in the beginning but then you will love them later such as Lannister especially Tyrion and Jamie. There is one character from The Starks clan, they call him the B word because the Starks lord is his father, but he has no relation to his wife and the character’s name Jon Snow. Any characters who has a different father or mother would get the last name of “Snow”, so any time you see the characters with the last name “Snow” you know that it is because they only have relation to the lord and half-siblings but no mother. Another was named Ramsay Snow until his father decided to grant his last name, Bolton and there are different castle names such as Winterfell which belongs to The Stark’s family. Ned Stark is the lord, or in this was the lord and is the father of 4 boys and two girls. Robb Stark, Bran Stark, Jon Snow, Rickon Stark, Sasha Stark and Arya Stark. After a few seasons, Starks family started to get smaller as the Lannister’s family, one of them is the King of 7 lords, a young boy became King after a long-time King named Robert Baratheon died of some kind poison or disease after he was attacked by a hog. The wife of the King, Robert Baratheon is the mother of Lannister’s family and their eldest son Joffrey took it over. All their children from the queen Lannister’s father is the queen’s brother, yes that means the siblings are together and have children which is somewhat weird to see. But the new King, Joffrey chopped the head of Stark’s family, Ned right in front of two daughters Sasha and Arya – Joffrey was about to be married to Ned’s oldest daughter Sasha.

Fast—forward to the last season, the 7th. Remember I mentioned that Stark’s family were getting smaller after, only remaining of Starks family were the illegitimate son, Jon Snow, Bran, Sasha, Arya and Rickon although Rickon disappeared somewhere in that season but he is still around somewhere. Jon Snow became the King of North, there is another character names Daenerys Targaryen (mother of dragons, the blood line to the Throne etc.), both met each other and in end of the season – Jon Snow ended up being someone who you weren’t aware of. Game of Thrones has become my favorite television show now, I cannot wait until they come out with the 8th season and there is bad news for the Game of Thrones fans – it’s the last season of all. I am sad to find out that the eighth season for Game of Thrones is the final season that they will produce, they kept getting better and better as the seasons goes then they decided to call the eighth the last season is disappointing. Even worse, they said that there is a possibility that they won’t produce the final season until two years later and that is in 2019. They will only produce 6-7 episodes for the final season as they did for the seventh season. Every season for Game of Thrones comes with ten (10) episodes of each until you get to the latest one, the seventh which reduced to only seven episodes and they said that they will only produce the same numbers of episodes in seventh season for the final season or less so that doesn’t make it better especially that they are ending it.

However, they have hinted that there will be some spin-offs from Game of Thrones in future by HBO and I hope that they mean that because Game of Thrones just started getting so good that it leaves a bittersweet at the end! So, I will give Game of Thrones Grade A and I now understand why Game of Thrones has been the hit television shows for a few years with the fans. I became one of them and I am hungry for more of them!

Guns Regulation and Violence

I saw a lot of comments going around on the internet especially after the violence in Las Vegas that have murdered 58 (they say 59
but that one count is the gunman himself, he isn’t deserved to be that 1 count) and injured over 500 people who attends a concert in Las Vegas. I notice that guns regulation is a sensitive topic for many people, especially Republicans but there are some Democrats who want to regulate guns and Republicans disagree with the idea of guns regulation – they hate it. I can somewhat understand some people’s feelings about guns regulation because they are worried about their right to bear arms being taken away by regulating guns. I am Democrat myself and I am all for guns. I always think that people should own guns for their personal protection, to protect themselves from anyone who threaten their livelihood and the people can protect them in matter of seconds if they own a gun because you can’t freeze the dangerous person to wait for the police to arrive as it takes several minutes for the police to arrive so by the time the police arrives there could be a good chance that you would either be injured or dead already. No matter what if anyone wants to regulate the guns to keep them from getting in the wrong hands, they always will find a way to have their hands on them without having their background checks by going to the guns shop and instead buys the gun from an individual which is where the problem comes in. I think the best solution is to enforce a law where if the individual wants to sell the gun that the individual does a background check before agreeing to sell the gun to that person or better yet sells the gun at guns shop as there are most of gun shops who would be glad to sell guns for you if they are given a small commission for selling it. Regulating the guns isn’t the best way to end the violence in my opinion, it never will because there are always a place where anyone can get their hands on guns without having their background checked so that is why the best solution that I can think of is to enforce a law where if an individual want to sell the gun that the seller must either do a background check themselves or there is a consciences if not doing a background check and or the safest way is to sell the gun through the gun shop who know what they are doing to make sure that they are sold to the right hands according to their background checks.

My Bucket List

I am sure that a lot of you has a bucket list, if you don’t know what bucket list means then it is a list of what you would like to do before your time is up on this earth. I think that everyone at least has one thing or two of something or places that they wish to do before their time on this earth are up. I figured that I would share mine so just to entertain you.

Over to You

I am sorry that I only write a couple of topics instead of more than four or five that I usually do but my bed is calling my name as I haven’t been to bed since 11:30am yesterday so I have been up past 24 hours now as it is 12:12pm now. If there are any topics that you would like for me to share my opinion or thought on, please head over to the Submit page which can be found at top of the website or you can click here, and I would greatly appreciate as many topics you can suggest! That should help me to have a few more of topics to talk about the next time I am able to write for the blog. I truly appreciate that all of you have stuck with me ever since the day I launched JoshiesWorld. This isn’t over, I still have plenty energy in me to write but it is a matter of when and hopefully I will be able to find the time to write another one soon before this month is over. For now, I bid you all a good night or good day!

Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan

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