People and us as the people.

I could not find anything or have not heard anything that are interesting to write about so I started thinking what should I write about or on if I have nothing that inspire me to write about something that I have found or heard from and then some minutes later I have started thinking about the … Continue reading

Cigars and tidbits 3!

Before I will start typing this article out I would like to say that I apologize that I have not wrote an article a couple of days ago as I planned to but then there was a problem occurred and that would be my keyboard stopped working properly. I was going to have to wait for a week or so until … Continue reading

Money is good and bad.

Who don't like money? Money is the most essential for everyone because if they are in need of something such as foods, clothes, house, vehicles or anything that is necessary it is going to cost them some money because almost nothing are free in this earth, even if anybody offers something or some … Continue reading